Folko Streese

Game Credits


Gemsweeper (2007)   (Graphics)
Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens (2007)   (Artists)
The Dark Eye: Nedime - The Caliph's Daughter (2003)   (Lead Artist)
Gothic (2001)   (Additional Texturing)

Developer Biography

Folko Streese was born on June 10th, 1970. He entered the videogame industry in 1999 as a 2D Artist. For the internationally successful title "Gothic" he produced over 100 face textures. For the next 2 years he worked at emergent media in Babelsberg, Germany for the not released title "Extinct". He contributed concept art, character designs, textures, matte paintings and storyboards. Following the "Extinct"-project he painted character textures for "Voodoo Islands" which was not released either. In 2001 he became an employee of elkware studio, Hamburg, Germany. nowadays a division of Infospace Inc. where he developed numerous mobile games. He worked on titles such as "1503 A.D. - The New World - Mobile", "The X-Files: The Lion's Den", "MTV - Robobouncer" and developed all the graphics, including the cover artworks for the award-winning series "The Dark Eye". In 2006 Folko left Infospace and worked as a freelance concept artist on "Simon the Sorcerer 4" by Silver Style Entertainment. More than 30 locations in the game were developped by him. Additionally he created the Graphics for "MicroMonster", a mobile mmog-title by Biting Bit. In August his daughter Yola was born. At that time he started working as a concept artist on the mmorpg-title "Midgard Online". In his free time he works on his personal comic project, a science-fiction story. He lives with his girlfriend and his daughter in Berlin, Germany.

Last updated: Jan 25, 2007