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atari breakout

Burke Trieschmann

Also Known As

  • Burke Trieschman
  • Burke Treischmann

Game Credits


3D Baseball (1996)   (Audio/Video Group)


ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! (2019)   (Audio Guru)
Doki-Doki Universe (2013)   (Sound FX, VO, and Music)
Secret Agent Clank (2009)   (Audio)
Ninja Reflex (2008)   (Open Door Productions)
Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008)   (Additional Sound Design)
Madagascar (2005)   (Sound Effects)
Shrek SuperSlam (2005)   (Sound)
The Urbz: Sims in the City (2004)   (Additional Sound Designers)
Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (2003)   (Sound Effects and V.O. Editing/Processing)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)   (Additional Sound Design)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (2003)   (Video Music)
Whiplash (2003)   (Additional SFX)
007: Nightfire (2002)   (Additional Dialog Editing and Processing)
007: Nightfire (2002)   (Voiceopver Audio provided by)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 (2002)   (Sound Design Team )
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 (2002)   (Music)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (2002)   (Music)
ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (2002)   (Music Composition, Sound FX, Sound Engineering)
Knockout Kings 2001 (2001)   (Audio)
007: The World is Not Enough (2000)   (Sound Effects Design)
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (2000)   (Music)
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (2000)   (Additional Music)
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (2000)   (Additional Music)
Army Men: Air Attack (1999)   (Audio)
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (1999)   (Music Composition)
High Heat Baseball 2000 (1999)   (Music)
Knockout Kings 2000 (1999)   (Audio)
The Unholy War (1998)   (Music and Scoring)
Uprising X (1998)   (Audio)
Orly's Draw-A-Story (1997)   (Sound Design)
Pandemonium 2 (1997)   (Music)
Captain Quazar (1996)   (Background Music)
Pandemonium! (1996)   (Music)
Slam 'N Jam '96 featuring Magic & K... (1996)   (Sound Effects & Music)
The Adventures of Batman & Robin (1995)   (Game Music Composed & Produced by)
Phantom 2040 (1995)   (Music & Sound Effects)
Slam 'N Jam '95 (1995)   (Sound Effects)
Solar Eclipse (1995)   (Music Processing and Sound Effects)
The Horde (1994)   (Music)
Off-World Interceptor (1994)   (Music Compositions)
Star Control II (1994)   (Voice Effects )
Total Eclipse (1994)   (Music Composed, Arranged & Produced by)


Project: Snowblind (2005)   (Additional Development Support)


Crash 'n Burn (1993)   (Electronic Bard)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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