Joost Schuur

Game Credits


H!Zone (1996)   (Levels made with utilities by)

Public Relations

Moonbase Commander (2002)   (Developer Relations)
Scrabble Complete (2002)   (Developer Relations)

Customer/Technical Support

F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate (2007)   (Developer Support Manager)


Empire Earth II (2005)   (Developer Support Manager)


Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (2006)   (Developer Support Manager)
F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point (2006)   (Developer Support Manager)
SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate (2006)   (Developer Support Manager)
F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon (2005)   (Developer Support Manager)
Robotech: Invasion (2004)   (Developer Support Manager)
Monopoly (2002)   (Developer Relations)


Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Neverwinter Nights 2 (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Blitz: The League (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Codename: Panzers - Phase Two (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Cold Winter (2005)   (With a big cheers to)
Codename: Panzers - Phase One (2004)   (Special Thanks from Stormregion)
Halo: Combat Evolved (2003)   (Special Thanks to)
Risk: Global Domination (2003)   (Special Thanks)
F1 2002 (2002)   (Additional Thanks)
Global Operations (2002)   (Special thanks to)
ReVOLUTION (2002)   (Additional Thanks)
Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic (2001)   (Special Thanks To)
Myth III: The Wolf Age (2001)   (Mumbo Jumbo would like to thank)
Rally Trophy (2001)   (Special Thanks To)
Serious Sam: The First Encounter (2001)   (Special Thanks)


Codename: Panzers - Cold War (2009)   (Team)
Star Wars: Battlefront - Renegade Squadron (2007)   (GameSpy Team)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre (2006)   (Gamespy)
SWAT 4 (2005)   (Developer Support Manager)
Star Trek: Bridge Commander (2002)  
Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (2002)   (Gamespy)
Star Trek: Armada II (2001)  
Laser Arena (2000)   (Other)


F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon (Director... (2005)   (Developer Support Manager)
Deer Hunter: The 2005 Season (2004)   (Technical Partners - GameSpy)

Developer Biography

Joost Schuur's contributions to the gaming scene include publishing an early Quake newsletter (QuakeTALK), running one of the first Quake community web sites (Aftershock), co-maintaining the idgames FTP archives at Walnut Creek, freelancing as id Software's FTP and web admin, developing and maintaining a Quake and Unreal search engine (Slipgate Central) and co-hosting QuakeCast/Shooters, an Real Media gaming show at

As of 2000, he's been a part of IGN Entertainment's GameSpy Tech middleware tools and services group, serving as the Developer Relations and Support Manager, evangelizing online technology solutions to developers & publishers and most recently a Product Manager creating the next generation of online and multiplayer tech for developers.

Last updated: Mar 22, 2009