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Stefan Boberg

Game Credits


Battlefield: Hardline - Betrayal (2016)   (Development Leads - Product Owners)
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (2015)   (Development Leads - Product Owners)
Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)   (Technical Directors)
Worms Pinball (2011)   (Project Lead)
Addiction Pinball (1998)   (Project Lead)


Worms Pinball (2011)   (Game Design)
Addiction Pinball (1998)   (Game Design)


Ultracore (2020)   (Packing Program)
FIFA 18 (2017)   (Technical Directors)
Madden NFL 18 (2017)   (Technical Directors)
Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017)   (Technical Directors)
Need for Speed: Payback (2017)   (Technical Directors)
Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield 1 (2016)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield: Hardline - Betrayal (2016)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield: Hardline - Getaway (2016)   (Development Leads - Product Owners)
FIFA 17 (2016)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield: Hardline (2015)   (Development Lead - Architecture)
Battlefield: Hardline - Criminal Activity (2015)   (Development Leads - Product Owners)
Battlefield: Hardline - Robbery (2015)   (Development Leads - Product Owners)
Need for Speed (2015)   (Technical Directors)
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (2015)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth (2014)   (Production Systems Leads)
Battlefield 4: Final Stand (2014)   (Production Systems Lead)
Battlefield 4: Naval Strike (2014)   (Production Systems Leads )
Battlefield 4: Second Assault (2014)   (Production Systems Leads )
Alien Breed (2013)   (Additional Programming)
Battlefield 3: End Game (2013)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield 4 (2013)   (Production Systems Lead)
Battlefield 4: China Rising (2013)   (Production Systems Leads )
Need for Speed: Rivals (2013)   (Production Systems)
Battlefield 3: Aftermath (2012)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (2012)   (Technical Directors)
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (2012)   (Technical Directors)
Medal of Honor: Warfighter (2012)   (Additional Engineering)
Battlefield 3 (2011)   (Technical Director)
Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand (2011)   (Technical Director)
Need for Speed: The Run (2011)   (Frostbite 2 Engine Team)
Worms Pinball (2011)   (Programming)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010)   (Frostbite Engine Team)
Medal of Honor (2010)   (Frostbite Engine Team)
Battlefield: Bad Company (2008)   (Technical Director)
Worms 3D (2003)   (Technical Manager)
Worms Blast (2002)   (Programming)
Addiction Pinball (1998)   (Programming)
Kingpin: Arcade Sports Bowling (1995)   (Compression)
Pinball Illusions (1995)   (Packing Algorithms by)
Alien Breed: Tower Assault (1994)   (Coding)
Arcade Pool (1994)   (Compression Code)
Benefactor (1994)   (Packed using programs by)
Superfrog (1993)   (Programmers)
Project-X (1992)   (Additional Coding)
Alien Breed (1991)   (Disk Protection and Format)
Full Contact (1991)   (Additional Coding)
Miami Chase (1990)   (Additional Coding)


Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014)   (Architecture Technical Director)
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (2014)   (Frostbite Development)
Worms 3D (2003)   (Technical Manager)


Full Contact (1991)   (Problem Solving)


Madden NFL 21 (2020)   (Special Thanks)
Anthem (2019)   (Special Thanks)
FIFA 20 (2019)   (Special Thanks)
Madden NFL 20 (2019)   (Special Thanks)
Battlefield V (2018)   (Special Thanks)
FIFA 19 (2018)   (Special Thanks)
Alien Breed 2: Assault (2010)   (Extra Special Thanks)
Alien Breed 3: Descent (2010)   (Extra Special Thanks to the original 1990-91 production team)
Alien Breed: Evolution - Episode 1 (2009)   (Extra Special Thanks)
X-It (1994)   (Special thanks to)
Qwak (1993)   (Thanks to)
Superfrog (1993)   (Special Thanks to)


Fortnite: Battle Royale (2018)   (Designed, Developed, and Published by Epic Games)

Developer Biography

Originating from Sweden.

Started out programming on VIC-20, C64. Initially in the demo and shareware scene but eventually got sucked into the games industry.

Developed 'LhA' -- the de-facto standard archiver for the Commodore Amiga system.

Started out doing various technical consultation and technology development for Miami Chase, Full Contact, Alien Breed, Superfrog etc etc.

The first game developed full-time was Alien Breed: Tower Assault for the A500/A1200/CD32, for Team17 Software Ltd.

Subsequently moved to the UK and worked on Pinball Addiction (also Team17, PC/PSX/DC) as the sole programmer. Thereafter freelanced in technology development and eventually ended up as R&D Manager at Team17, where I focused on data infrastructure and cross-platform development and oversaw the general development of technology.

Now employed as Chief Technical Officer at Digital Illusions CE AB (aka DICE) (January 2005).

Last updated: Jan 18, 2005