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Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition (2002)   (Additional Musicians)
Tropico (2001)   (Additional Musicians)

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Lucho Campillo was born in the small town of Colomboy, off the Atlantic coast of Colombia, South America. At the very young age of six he was taken by a cousin to a town very close by called Planeta Rica, where he grew up until the age of 11, when he moved to Medellin.

Lucho was born with great musical instincts. Unfortunately, his paternal grandparents, with whom he was living, were opposed to him having anything to do with music. At the age of 15 Lucho wrote his first song called "Negra Isabel". By then he had already taught himself to play a small accordion, his main musical instrument to date. He purchased his first accordion with much sacrifice, and learned to play it little by little.

Unknown to his mother and the rest of his family he started to write more songs, but would not mention that they were his. By the time he turned 20, musicians in the town were already singing his songs. One of them told him: "you have to say that these are yours because other owners are gonna pop up...". At the time there was no copyright registry. His first group was called "Los Cohaleros de Majagual". The first country they traveled was Venezuela, followed by Panama, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala. He returned to Mexico where he lived for 10 years exposing his Caribbean folk music, especially the Cumbia and Vallenato. Varied groups and "Sonoras" have recorded up to six hundred of his songs, including recordings by "Lucho Campillo y Los Truenos" and "Lucho Campillo y la Potencia". Presently Lucho has resided in Anaheim, California for the last 12 years. As always, writing his Tropical and Cumbia rhythms filled with flavor and spice.

Source: Selected articles from LMS Records Official Company Website - Tropico Page

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