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John Smyth

Game Credits

Creative Services

Kid Gloves II: The Journey Back (1992)   (Cover Artwork)
Necronom (1991)   (Cover Artwork)
Cavemania (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Cloud Kingdoms (1990)   (Package Artwork by)
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Ever... (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Kid Gloves (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Spooky Castle (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Crossfire (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Skate of the Art (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Superkid (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Anarchy Zone (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Diamond (1988)   (Illustration)
Gunfighter (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Scumball (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Super Trolley (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Teladon (1988)   (Illustration)
Cage Match (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
The Curse of Sherwood (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Feud (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Treasure Island (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Wiz (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Devil's Crown (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
The Exploits of Fingers Malone (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Mr. Puniverse (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Oblido (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Phantom of the Asteroid (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
P.O.D.: Proof of Destruction (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Prospector Pete (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
The Return of Rockman (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
S.O.S. (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
The Survivors (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Universal Hero (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Video Meanies (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Video Meanies (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Caves of Doom (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Finders Keepers (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Jason's Gem (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Kane (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Master of Magic (1985)   (Cover Artwork (US))
More Adventures of Big Mac: The Mad Maintenance Man (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
One Man and His Droid (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Spooks (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Zzzz (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Chiller (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Hektik (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Pigs in Space (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Squirm (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Chuckman (1983)   (Cover Artwork (Mastertronic))

Developer Biography

John Smyth or John "the Brush" as he is also known, was born in 1946, in Blackheath, South East London, England. He worked for the studio Words & Pictures which designed gaming packaging for many companies of the era, notably Mastertronic and Melbourne House. He designed the Mastertronic mascot, "Mistertronic".

Last updated: May 26, 2021