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Patrick Wilkinson

Also Known As

  • Pat Wilkinson

Game Credits


NBA 2K Mobile Basketball (2019)   (Studio Heads)
NHL SuperCard 2K17 (2016)   (Studio Heads)
Evolve: Hunter's Quest (2015)   (Studio Heads)
WWE SuperCard (2014)   (Studio Heads)
Beejumbled (2013)   (Studio Heads)
Turd Birds (2013)   (Studio Heads)
Birthday Party Bash (2009)   (Studio Heads)


Carnival Games (2007)   (Producers)
Deal or No Deal: Secret Vault Games (2007)   (Development Manager)


Birthday Party Bash (2009)   (Designers)


Carnival Games (2007)   (Development)
American Civil War: Gettysburg (2006)   (Development)
SPLAT Magazine: Renegade Paintball (2006)   (Development)
Mall Tycoon 3 (2005)   (Development)
Wildfire (2005)   (Development)
Medieval Conquest (2004)   (Development)
Ski Resort Extreme (2004)   (Development)
Championship Snowboarding 2004 (2003)   (Development)
Cruise Ship Tycoon (2003)   (Development)
School Tycoon (2003)   (Development)
Extreme Paintbrawl 4 (2002)   (Development)
The Gladiators of Rome (2002)   (Development)
Casino Mogul (2001)   (Development)
Skateboard Park Tycoon (2001)   (Development)
Top Shot II (2001)   (Dev Lead / Mad Scientist)
Ski Resort Tycoon (2000)   (Development)
Full Strength Strongman Competition (1999)   (Dev Lead)
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 (1999)   (Development)
Microsoft Return of Arcade (1996)   (Lead Programming)
Microsoft Arcade (1993)   (Programming)


Full Strength Strongman Competition (1999)   (SDFX)

Quality Assurance

Microsoft Space Simulator (1995)   (Quality Assurance Lead)


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000: Professional Edition (1999)   (Development)

Developer Biography

Patrick Wilkinson has a B.S. Electrical Engineering specializing in micro controller design and has been working professionally in the gaming industry for 16 years including 4 years in the Microsoft gaming division, 7 years as an owner of Cat Daddy Games, and 4 years as a studio manager for Cat Daddy Games after it's acquisition by Take Two. As an EE major and professional, Patrick has mastered the machine language of dozens of processors, and has an extensive hardware and software background.

Last updated: Nov 23, 2006

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