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Fork Parker

Game Credits


Carrion (2020)   (Pointless Business Meetings)
Serious Sam 3: BFE (2011)   (Chief Financial Officer)


Carrion (2020)   (Idea Guys)


The Messenger (2018)   (Special Thanks)
Oh...Sir!: The Hollywood Roast (2017)   (Vile Monarch Thanks)
Oh...Sir!!: The Insult Simulator (2017)   (Vile Monarch Thanks)
Spaceplan (2017)   (Special Thanks)
Not a Hero (2016)   (Bunnylord thinks you're 7 types of snazzy fantastic)
Serious Sam Classics: Revolution (2014)   (Worth Mentioning (in no particular order))
Hotline Miami (2012)   (Special Thanks to)


Carrion (2020)   (Devolver Digital)
Devolverland Expo (2020)   (Devolver Digital)
Sludge Life (2020)   (Devolver Digital)
Ape Out (2019)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Bleak Sword (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
Exit the Gungeon (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
Gato Roboto (2019)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Heave Ho (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
Katana Zero (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
My Friend Pedro (2019)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Observation (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
Painty Mob (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
Weedcraft Inc (2019)   (Devolver)
Witcheye (2019)   (Devolver Digital)
Crossing Souls (2018)   (Devolver Digital)
Gris (2018)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Minit (2018)   (Devolver Digital)
The Red Strings Club (2018)   (Devolver)
The Swords of Ditto (2018)   (Devolver Digital)
Absolver (2017)   (Devolver Digital)
High Hell (2017)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Ruiner (2017)   (Devolver Digital)
Stories Untold (2017)   (Devolver Digital)
Mother Russia Bleeds (2016)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Okhlos: Omega (2016)   (The Devolver Team)
Shadow Warrior 2 (2016)   (Devolver Digital)
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2015)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Downwell (2015)   (Devolver Digital)
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)   (Published by Devolver Digital)
Titan Souls (2015)   (Devolver Digital)
Broforce (2014)   (Devolver)
Gods Will Be Watching (2014)   (The awesome people at Devolver Digital)
Hatoful Boyfriend (2014)   (Devolver Digital)
Luftrausers (2014)   (Devolver Digital)
The Talos Principle (2014)   (Devolver Digital)
Shadow Warrior (2013)   (Devolver Digital)

Developer Biography

Fork Parker does not exist. It is the fictional Chief Financial Officer of the publishing company Devolver Digital.

Last updated: May 02, 2020