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Thorsten Hamdorf

Game Credits


Awesomenauts (2012)   (DTP Entertainment)
Icewind Dale II (2002)   (Product Manager)


Divinity II: Ego Draconis (2009)   (Head of Marketing & PR GSA)
Fate of the Dragon (2001)   (Localisation Manager)
Deus Ex (2000)   (Eidos Interactive Europe (Localization Managers))
Final Fantasy VIII (2000)   (Localization Manager)
Hitman: Codename 47 (2000)   (Localisation Manager)
John Romero's Daikatana (2000)   (Localisation Manager)
Project IGI: I'm Going In (2000)   (Localization Manager)
Sydney 2000 (2000)   (Localisation)
UEFA Champions League Season 1999/2000 (2000)   (Localisation)
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2000)   (Localisation Manager)
Urban Chaos (1999)   (Localisation Manager)


Blood Knights (2013)   (Marketing Director)
Crash Time 5: Undercover (2012)   (Marketing Director)
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura (2012)   (Marketing Director)
Memento Mori 2: Guardians of Immortality (2012)   (Marketing Director)
Black Mirror III: Final Fear (2011)   (Marketing Director)
Crazy Machines: Elements (2011)   (Marketing Director)
Haunted (2011)   (Marketing Director)
Mystery Agency: Visions of Time (2011)   (Marketing Director)
Crash Time 4: The Syndicate (2010)   (Marketing Director)
Crazy Chicken: Carnival (2010)   (Head of Marketing & PR)
Curse of the Ghost Ship (2010)   (Head of Marketing)
Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance (2010)   (Head of Marketing PR GSA)
Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit (Personal Edition) (2010)   (Head of Marketing & PR)
Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret (2010)   (Head of Marketing & PR)
Drakensang: The River of Time (2010)   (Head of Marketing)
Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World (2010)   (Marketing Director)
So Blonde: Back to the Island (2010)   (Head of Marketing)
Theatre of War 3: Korea (2010)   (Marketing Director )
15 Days (2009)   (Head of Marketing)
Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil (2009)   (Head of Marketing)
Crazy Machines 2 (2009)   (Head of Marketing)
Crazy School Games (2009)   (Head of Marketing GSA)
Das Schwarze Auge: Drakensang - Gold Edition (2009)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (2009)   (Head of Marketing & PR)
Giana Sisters DS (2009)   (Head of Marketing GSA)
King's Bounty: Armored Princess (2009)   (Head of Marketing)
Summer Athletics 2009 (2009)   (Head of Marketing & PR GSA)
Venetica (2009)   (Head of Marketing)
Virtual Villagers: Erschaffe dein Paradies! (2009)   (Head of Marketing & PR GSA)
The Dark Eye: Drakensang (2008)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Mata Hari (2008)   (Head of Marketing & PR GSA)
So Blonde (2008)   (Marketing Director GSA)
thinkSMART Crazy Machines: Wacky Problem Solving! (2008)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Windchaser (2008)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Arena Wars Reloaded (2007)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Belief & Betrayal (2007)   (Marketing)
Boxing Manager (2007)   (Marketing)
Legend: Hand of God (2007)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Overclocked: A History of Violence (2007)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Red Ocean (2007)   (Senior Product Manager)
Undercover: Dual Motives (2007)   (Marketing)
Undercover: Operation Wintersun (2006)   (Marketing & Public Relations)
Codename: Outbreak (2001)   (Product Manager (Virgin))

Public Relations

Curse of the Ghost Ship (2010)   (Head of PR)
Drakensang: The River of Time (2010)   (Head of PR)
So Blonde: Back to the Island (2010)   (Head of PR)
15 Days (2009)   (Head of PR)
Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil (2009)   (Head of PR)
Crazy Machines 2 (2009)   (Head of PR)
Crazy School Games (2009)   (Head of PR GSA)
Giana Sisters DS (2009)   (Head of PR GSA)
King's Bounty: Armored Princess (2009)   (Head of PR)
Venetica (2009)   (Head of PR)
Memento Mori (2008)   (Head of Marketing and PR GSA)
Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge (2008)   (Marketing Director GSA)
Belief & Betrayal (2007)   (PR)
Boxing Manager (2007)   (PR)
Undercover: Dual Motives (2007)   (PR)


Gangsters 2 (2001)   (Special thanks to)
Startopia (2001)   (Special Thanks to)
Play the Games Vol. 3 (2000)   (Special Thanks to)
Tex Murphy: Overseer (1998)   (Advice and also special thank to)

Developer Biography

Thorsten Hamdorf is Marketing Director for Germany, Switzerland and Austria at German publisher dtp entertainment AG since March 2007. He heads up Marketing, PR and the internal graphics department at dtp.

Previously, he was Senior Product Manager since 17th July 2006 at the same company, and prior to that he worked in the marketing department of Atari Deutschland and Paramount Home Entertainment, and was employed as Product Manager for Virgin Interactive Entertainment and Localisation Manager for Eidos Interactive.

Last updated: Mar 06, 2007