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Alexey L. Pajitnov

Also Known As

  • Alexei Pajitnov
  • Alexey Pazhitnov
  • A. Pajitnov
  • Alexey Pajitnov
  • Alexi Paszitnov
  • Алексей Пажитнов

Game Credits


Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (2020)   (Original Game Design By)
Tetris 99 (2019)   (Original Game Design By)
Tetris (2018)   (Tetris Game Design by)
Tetris Effect (2018)   (Tetris Game Design by)
Puyo Puyo Tetris (2017)   (Tetris Game Design by)
Tetris Ultimate (2014)   (Original Game Design by)
Tetris: Axis (2011)   (Original Tetris Game Design by)
Tetris (2009)   (Game Design by)
Tetris (2008)   (Game design by)
Tetris Party (2008)   (Original Tetris Game by)
Hexic 2 (2007)   (Game Concept and Design)
Tetris Splash (2007)   (Original Tetris Game by)
Alexey's Dwice (2006)   (Game Concept)
Sega Ages 2500: Vol.28 - Tetris Collection (2006)   (Game Design by)
Tetris DS (2006)   (Game Design by)
Hexic (2005)   (Original Game Concept and Design)
Tetroid (2005)   (Based on the famous Russian puzzle game by)
AGI Tetris (2004)   (Original Version by)
Tetris (2002)   (Original Concept and Design by)
Tetris (2002)   (Original Concept & Design)
Tetris Worlds (2001)   (Original Concept)
Microsoft Puzzle Collection Entertainment Pack (2000)   (Design)
The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition (2000)   (Based on Classic Tetris by)
TetFun 2000: World Championship (2000)   (Based on the original idea "Tetris" by)
The Tetris (2000)   (Based on Classic Tetris)
Tetris the Absolute: The Grand Master 2 (2000)   (Original Concept & Design by)
Kids Tetris (1999)   (Original Concept & Design by)
Microsoft Pandora's Box (1999)   (Game Design)
The Next Tetris (1999)   (Based on Classic Tetris by)
Magical Tetris Challenge (1998)   (Original Tetris Concept & Design by)
Tetris 4D (1998)   (Game Design)
Tetris DX (1998)   (Original Tetris Concept, Design and Program by)
Tetris: The Grand Master (1998)   (Original Concept & Design by)
Tetrisphere (1997)   (Additional Contributions)
Tetris S (1996)   (Original Concept & Design by)
Ice & Fire (1995)   (Game Concept)
Knight Moves (1995)   (Original Idea)
Qwirks (1995)   (Puzzle Designers)
V-Tetris (1995)   (Original Tetris concept by)
Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Genteiban) (1994)   (Tetris Original Concept, Design and Program by)
Super Tetris 3 (1994)   (Original Concept by)
El-Fish (1993)   (Original Concept)
Tetris 2 (1993)   (Original Tetris Concept)
Tetris Pro (1993)   (Original Tetris by)
Yoshi's Cookie (1993)   (Puzzles by)
Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (1992)   (Tetris Original Concept, Design, and Program)
Tetris Classic (1992)   (Original Tetris® concept)
Super Tetris (1991)   (Original Design Concept)
Tetris 2 + BomBliss (1991)   (Original Concept by)
Bloxeed (1990)   (Original Concept by)
Faces ...tris III (1990)   (Original Design)
Hatris (1990)   (Original Concept, Design and Program by)
WellTrix (1990)   (Original Program Concept)
Magnetic Crane (1989)   (Game by)
Tetris (1989)   (Original concept, design and program by)
Tetris (1989)   (Original Concept and Design by)
Welltris (1989)   (Design Concept)
Tetris (1988)   (Tetris was invented by)
Tetris (1988)   (Concept)
Tetris (1988)   (Original Concept by)
Tetris (1988)   (Original Tetris concept by)
Tetris (1986)   (Original Concept)


Tetris 2 (1993)   (Original Tetris Programming)
Tetris (1989)   (Original Program by)
Shawl (1986)   (Game by)
Tetris (1984)   (Written by)


El-Fish (1993)   (Interface Design)


TurnOn (2016)   (Special Thanks)
Tetris Revolution (2009)   (Blue Planet Software)
Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Fuzion Frenzy (2001)   (Special Thanks)
Rampage Puzzle Attack (2001)   (Special Thanks)
Tetris Worlds (2001)   (Special Thanks to)
The Next Tetris (1999)   (Special Thanks to)
ClockWerx (1995)   (Special Thanks to)
ClockWerx (1995)   (Special Thanks to)
Qwirks (1995)   (Special Thanks)
BreakThru! (1994)   (Special Thanks to)
Super Tetris 3 (1994)   (We are very grateful to)
WildSnake (1994)   (Special Thanks)
Pipe Dream (1990)   (Special Thanks to)
The Soviet Block (1990)   (Apologies go out to)
Tetriller (1990)   (Devoted this computer game parody to the author of well-known Tetris)
Tetris 2 (1990)   (This game is respectfully dedicated to)

Developer Biography

Alexey Pajitnov is a Russian programmer and game designer, best known for Tetris.

Last updated: Jan 26, 2008

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