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Jasen Whiteside

Also Known As

  • Jason Whiteside

Game Credits


Red Faction (2001)   (Level Designers)
Descent: Freespace - The Great War (1998)   (Level / Scenario Design)
Descent Maximum (1997)   (Level Design)
Descent II (1996)   (Level Design)
Descent II: Destination Quartzon (1996)   (Level Design)
Descent (1995)   (Level / Scenario Design)


Freespace 2: Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition (2000)   (3D / Graphics Programming)
Descent: Freespace - The Great War (1998)   (Graphics / 3D Programming)
Descent II (1996)   (Graphics / 3D Programming)


Red Faction: Guerrilla - Re-Mars-tered (2018)   (Project Art Director)
Agents of Mayhem (2017)   (Studio Artist)
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (2015)   (Studio Art Directors)
Saints Row IV (2013)   (Associate Art Directors)
Red Faction: Armageddon (2011)   (Project Art Directors)
Saints Row: The Third (2011)   (Structure Artists)
Red Faction: Guerrilla (2009)   (Project Art Director)
The Punisher (2005)   (Lead Artist)
Red Faction II (2002)   (Lead Technical Artist)
Freespace 2 (1999)   (Lead Artist)
Descent Maximum (1997)   (Robot Design)
Descent II (1996)   (Art & 3D Models)
Descent II: Destination Quartzon (1996)   (Art & 3D Modeling)


Red Faction II (2002)   (Special Thanks)


Overload (2018)   (Survivors)
Descent (1995)   (Original PC Version)

Developer Biography

From Volition's web site:
"Jasen Whiteside is now an ancient game developer artist guru, having worked at Parallax and Volition for over five years.

He started back in the good old days when games were fun and simple by creating levels for Descent. During his five years here, Jasen has spun his magic in nearly every area of art relative to game development in six different games (one of which will only ever live on in our hearts and minds). *sniff* Jasen says that his life before Parallax seems like a distant, faded memory.

When not at work, Jasen devotes his time to his beautiful wife and darling baby girl. And when he can sneak a few minutes for himself, he likes to climb plastic rocks, ride his mountain bike or pretend he's a race car driver."

Last updated: Nov 28, 2003

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