Mark Atkinson

Game Credits


The Thing (2002)   (Technical Director and Director)


Evolva (2000)   (Lead Designers)


Fable III (2010)   (Engine Programming)
Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 (2008)   (Additional Programming)
Manhunt 2 (2007)   (Additional Programming)
The Thing (2002)   (Technical Lead and Direction)
Evolva (2000)   (Technical Director)


Fable: Heroes (2012)   (Special Thanks)


Crysis 2 (2011)   (Additional Contribution)

Developer Biography

Mark has been designing and writing software for 18 years, starting out in 6502 machine code at the age of 11. He co-wrote a number of home computer games during the 80's, including a prize-winning platformer on the Amstrad CPC464 and Missile Command on the Acorn Archimedes.

He went on to study Computer Science at Glasgow University at the age of 16. After graduating with first-class honours, he took his interest in the specialist fields of artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms into industry, creating the core AI behind the National Westminster bank's credit card fraud detection system.

At Computer Artworks Ltd. he created the software technology behind Organic Art, working closely with Microsoft RenderMorphics, and has since gained a reputation as an authority on Direct3D. As well as being Technical Director responsible for the core rendering technology he was additionally a Lead Designer of games.

Mark has been Director of Technology at Crytek and has worked as a contract engine programmer on many titles including Burnout Paradise (EA Criterion), Manhunt 2 (Rockstar London), TimeShift (Vivendi Universal / Saber Interactive), Enlighten (Geomerics), Football Manager 2009 (Sports Interactive), and Fable III (Lionhead / Microsoft).

Last updated: Nov 18, 2010