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Jay Wilbur

Game Credits


Quake (2021)   (Biz)
DOOM II (2019)   (Biz)
Battle Breakers (2017)   (Epic Business & Publishing)
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (2015)   (VPs)
Infinity Blade III (2013)   (Vice President, Business Affairs)
Bulletstorm (2011)   (VP Business Development)
DOOM II (2010)   (Biz)
Gears of War (2006)   (Biz)
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (2005)   (Vice President)
Unreal Tournament 2004 (2004)   (Biz)
Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Special Edition) (2004)   (Biz)
Unreal Championship (2002)   (Biz)
DOOM: Collector's Edition (2001)   (Biz)
Quake: The Offering (1999)   (Biz)
DOOM 64 (1997)   (Biz)
Final DOOM (1996)   (Biz)
Final DOOM (1996)   (Biz)
Hexen: Beyond Heretic (1996)   (Biz)
Quake (1996)   (Biz)
DOOM (1995)   (Biz)
The Ultimate DOOM (1995)   (Biz)
DOOM II (1994)   (Biz)
Wolfenstein 3D (1994)   (Management)
DOOM (1993)   (Chief Executive Officer)
Cyberchess (1992)   (Managing Editor)
Wolfenstein 3D (1992)   (Chief Operating Officer)
Xenopods (1991)   (Managing Editor)


Jazz Jackrabbit (2002)   (Project Director)
Quake (1996)   (Production (Produção))
Spear of Destiny (1992)   (Chief Operating Officer)


The Ultimate DOOM (1995)   (Chief Creative Officer)


Unreal Tournament (1999)   (Biz)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (1998)   (Marketing)

Public Relations

Unreal II: The Awakening (2003)   (Biz)
Wolfenstein 3D (1994)   (Biz)
Wolfenstein 3D (1992)   (Biz)

Creative Services

Unreal Tournament (1999)   (Production)
DOOM (1993)   (Manual)


Age of Wonders (1999)   (Support)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (1998)   (Imperial Advisor)
7th Legion (1997)   (Imperial Advisor)


No More Heroes III (2021)   (Special Thanks)
The Occupation (2019)   (Epic Games)
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (2019)   (Epic Games, Inc.)
ADR1FT (2016)   (Thank You)
AirMech (2015)   (Special Thanks)
Depth (2014)   (Special Thanks)
Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon (2012)   (Special Thanks to)
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (2011)   (Special Thanks to)
Homefront (2011)   (A Special Thanks to...)
HoopWorld (2010)   (Special Thanks)
American McGee's Grimm: A Boy Learns What Fea... (2008)   (Special Thanks)
American McGee's Grimm: Little Red Riding Hood (2008)   (Special Thanks)
American McGee's Grimm: Puss In Boots (2008)   (Special Thanks)
American McGee's Grimm: The Fisherman and His... (2008)   (Special Thanks)
American McGee's Grimm: The Girl Without Hands (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (2005)   (Gearbox Software would like to thank)
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (2003)   (Triumph Studios would like to thank)
Devastation (2003)   (Special Thanks To)
Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne (2002)   (Special thanks)
Jazz Jackrabbit (2002)   (Game Titan would like to thank)
Redneck Rampage (1997)   (Special Thanks To)
Wolfenstein 3D (1992)   (Thanks also go out to Id Software, especially)


Fortnite: Battle Royale (2018)   (Designed, Developed, and Published by Epic Games)
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (2017)   (VP Business Development)
Fortnite (Standard Founder's Pack) (2017)   (Designed, Developed, and Published by Epic Games)
Robo Recall (2017)   (Designed, Developed and Published by)
Shadow Complex: Remastered (2015)   (Epic Games)
Gears of War: Judgment (2013)   (VP Business Development)
Bulletstorm (2011)   (VP Business Development)
Gears of War 3 (2011)   (VP Business Development)
Infinity Blade II (2011)   (VP Business Development)
Infinity Blade (2010)   (VP Business Development)
Lost Planet 2 (2010)   (VP Business Development)
Fat Princess (2009)   (Epic Games Inc.)
Shadow Complex (2009)   (VP Biz Dev)
Gears of War 2 (2008)   (VP Biz Dev)
Gears of War 2 (Limited Edition) (2008)   (VP Biz Dev)
Gears of War (2007)   (Vice President)
Unreal Tournament III (2007)   (Biz / VP)
Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition) (2006)   (Biz)
Unreal Tournament 2003 (2002)   (Biz)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files (1999)   (Imperial Advisor)
Unreal (1998)   (Biz)
The Ultimate DOOM (1995)   (Undetermined)
Wolfenstein 3D (1994)   (id Software is)
Wolfenstein 3D (1992)   (id Software is)

Developer Biography

Jay Wilbur got into game design by working at a software magazine called Uptime. He met John Romero at a trade show, and later got Romero a job at Softdisk, a company which published monthly disks of miscellaneous programs.

Jay later helped in the secret development of Commander Keen outside of Softdisk by being manager, cooking ribs and making sure there was enough soda. Eventually, when Ideas From The Deep became id Software and broke off from Softdisk, he stayed behind. While id was finishing Wolfenstein 3D and fired their biz guy Mark Rein, they asked Jay to run the business side of things, and he went with the team. He later left id to join Epic MegaGames, now known as Epic, and helped create the Unreal games.

Last updated: May 01, 2006

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