Mike Bowman

Game Credits


The Geekwad: Games of the Galaxy (1993)   (Game Designs by (in alphabetical order))


NBA 2K18 (2017)   (Engineers)
BioShock Infinite (2013)   (Additional Programming)
SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (2002)   (Game Programmers)
Golden Nugget (1996)   (Programmers)
Return to Ringworld (1994)   (Programmers)
The Geekwad: Games of the Galaxy (1993)   (Lead Programmer)
Protostar: War on the Frontier (1993)   (Programming)

Quality Assurance

Shelly Club (2003)   (QA Management)


Fisher-Price Big Action Construction (2002)   (Tech Support Management)

Customer/Technical Support

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus (2004)   (Director of Customer Services)


TRON RUN/r (2016)   (Tin Giant)
Disney Infinity (2013)   (Blind Squirrel Games)

Developer Biography

Mike Bowman on himself (from the 'Making of Protostar' audio feature):

“Ever since I can remember, I was interested in video games. I spent all my money on playing Asteroids and Defender and those kind of shooter-type games. I made a few of my own games on the TI-99/4A home computer, and I was really getting into that. Then I went to college, Western Washington University in Washington state, and got a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I just wanted to work in the video game industry, down in California, so I flew down here, got a job with Tsunami, and Protostar was the first game I worked on.”

Last updated: Dec 30, 2003