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atari adventure

Mark E. Seremet

Also Known As

  • Mark Seremet

Game Credits


Hyper Fighters (2012)   (CEO)
Photo Phantasy: Spot the Differences (2011)   (CEO)
Boot Camp Academy (2010)   (CEO)
Chocolatier (2010)   (CEO)
Deal or No Deal: Special Edition (2010)   (CEO)
Dream Chronicles (2010)   (CEO)
FlatOut (2010)   (CEO )
Hello Kitty: Seasons (2010)   (CEO)
Minute to Win It (2010)   (CEO)
Shawn Johnson Gymnastics (2010)   (CEO)
Chicken Blaster (2009)   (CEO)
Color Cross (2008)   (CEO)


Black Dahlia (1998)   (Film Producer)
JetFighter: Full Burn (1998)   (Executive Producers)
Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft (1996)   (Executive Producers)
Ripper (1996)   (Producers)
Bureau 13 (1995)   (Executive Producers)
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)   (Executive Producers)
BloodNet (1993)   (Executive Producer)


Black Dahlia (1998)   (Design Team)
JetFighter: Full Burn (1998)   (Mission Design)
Ripper (1996)   (Design)
Star Crusader (1994)   (Game Design)
XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter (1992)   (Design)
Twilight: 2000 (1991)   (Game Design by)
The Punisher (1990)   (Design)
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. ... (1989)   (Game Design)
X-Men (1989)   (Concept by)
Wizard Wars (1988)   (Game Design by)
Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of Death (1986)   (Developed by)


Twilight: 2000 (1991)   (Intro Programming)
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. ... (1989)   (Programming)
Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of Death (1986)   (Developed by)


Twilight: 2000 (1991)   (Written by)
Wizard Wars (1988)   (Written by)


Wizard Wars (1988)   (CGA Conversions by)

Quality Assurance

Star Crusader (1994)   (Quality Assurance)
MegaTraveller 2: Quest for the Ancients (1991)   (Additional Playtesting)


Twilight: 2000 (1991)   (Product Manager)

Creative Services

XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter (1992)   (Manual)
Twilight: 2000 (1991)   (Manual and Written Supplements by)


Millennia: Altered Destinies (1995)   (Additional Support)


JetFighter III: Enhanced Campaign CD (1997)   (Special Thanks)
Bureau 13 (1995)   (Special Thanks To)

Developer Biography

Mark Seremet entered the gaming industry while still in college when he and his freinds created the studio Paragon Software in 1985. Seremet and his friends were programming small business applications at the time in the Assembly language, but after switching to making video games full time they began gaining recognition for their work on DOS software. Originally Paragon's games were distributed by EA, but after difficulties with the publishing giant Paragon moved to MicroProse Software for their game distribution. During this time Paragon created many successful games based on Marvel Entertainment licenses such as Spider-Man and The Punisher.

In 1992 Seremet and his associates sold Paragon Software to MicroProse Software and the next year started Take-Two Interactive Software with his partner Ryan Brant and around 20 ex-Paragon employees. In the next five years their company continued to grow, eventually going public in 1997.

Seremet left Take-Two Interactive in 2000 and took a break from gaming industry for a time. He briefly retreated from the entrepreneurial world for two years, using this time to acquire a Masters degree in Christian Ministry and write a Christian-themed book. He then ran a tee-shirt company for a few years. In 2007, Seremet returned to the gaming industry when he and Brant started another game studio, this time named Zoo Games Inc. While they tried developing a variety of games including AAA titles, the studio eventually settled on producing casual games.

In 2009, Seremet also started 2Bee Games (quickly renamed to indiePub) as an organization to help publish games from independent developers.

Last updated: Jul 19, 2020

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