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Shelley Hattan

Game Credits

Creative Services

Adjacent See (2000)   (Help Files)
Arcade Poker (2000)   (Help Files)
Backgammon (2000)   (Help Files)
Black Box Chess (2000)   (Help Files)
Brain Bones (2000)   (Help Files)
Bulldozer (2000)   (Help Files)
Bulldozer II (2000)   (Help Files)
CardMatch (2000)   (Help Files)
Checker Connector (2000)   (Help Files)
Cheesy Pursuit (2000)   (Help Files)
ChessCards (2000)   (Help Files)
Core Meltdown (2000)   (Help Files)
Cryptograms (2000)   (Help Files)
Deductive Logic (2000)   (Help Files)
Engulf (2000)   (Help Files)
Head-On Collision! (2000)   (Help Files)
Hex (2000)   (Help Files)
Hexapawn (2000)   (Help Files)
Invaders From Neptune! (2000)   (Help Files)
Kizbot (2000)   (Help Files)
Laser Clash (2000)   (Help Files)
Make4 3D (2000)   (Help Files)
MazeRace (2000)   (Help Files)
Moku (2000)   (Help Files)
Neutron Trails (2000)   (Help Files)
Nim (2000)   (Help Files)
Olive Wars! (2000)   (Help Files)
Pangki (2000)   (Help Files)
Pegopolis (2000)   (Help Files)
Poker Machine (2000)   (Help Files)
Poker Patience (2000)   (Help Files)
Push-Pull (2000)   (Help Files)
Quinto (2000)   (Help Files)
Reversi Plus (2000)   (Help Files)
Robottrack (2000)   (Help Files)
Sechseck (2000)   (Help Files)
Shi Sen (2000)   (Help Files)
Siege (2000)   (Help Files)
StackBlitz (2000)   (Help Files)
Suzy Sushi (2000)   (Help Files)
Think Tank (2000)   (Help Files)
Tic Tac Toe 3D (2000)   (Help Files)
Ultimine (2000)   (Help Files)
Um El Bagara (2000)   (Help Files)
Vanishing Cross (2000)   (Help Files)
Voracity (2000)   (Help Files)
Wari (2000)   (Help Files)
Winding Standoff (2000)   (Help Files)
Zap Pod! (2000)   (Help Files)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.