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atari mania

Takashi Fukushima

Also Known As

  • 福島 孝
  • T. Fukushima
  • Takashi Hukushima
  • Takasi Fukushima

Game Credits


Chaos Rings III (2014)   (Executive Producer)
Chaos Rings II (2013)   (Executive Producer)
Chaos Rings (2012)   (Executive Producer)
Chaos Rings: Omega (2012)   (Executive Producer)
Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo (2009)   (Executive Producer)
The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (2008)   (General Producer)
Wild Arms XF (2007)   (Executive Producers)
Wild Arms 5 (2006)   (Executive Producers)
Wild Arms 4 (2005)   (Producer)
Wild Arms Alter Code: F (2003)   (Producer)
Sneakers (2002)   (Producer)
Wild Arms 3 (2002)   (Producer)
Wild Arms 2 (1999)   (Producers)
Crime Crackers 2 (1997)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Wild Arms (1996)   (Producer)
Project: Horned Owl (1995)   (Producer)
Rapid Reload (1995)   (Producer (プロデュース))
Crime Crackers (1994)   (Producer (プロデューサー))
Edo no Kiba (1993)   (Produce)
Tenshi no Uta II: Datenshi no Sentaku (1993)   (General Producers (ゼネラルプロデュース))
Browning (1992)   (Executive Producer (エグゼクティブプロデューサー))
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon (1992)   (Production Supervisors)
Kiaidan 00 (1992)   (Production Supervisors (制作監修))
Mirai Shōnen Conan (1992)   (General Producers (ゼネラルプロデュース))
Pop 'n Magic (1992)   (General Producers (ゼネラルプロデュース))
Psycho Dream (1992)   (Producer )
Travel Epule (1992)   (Executive Producer (制作総指揮))
Traysia (1992)   (Production Manager)
Xak I・II (1992)   (Production Director (制作総指揮))
Beast Wrestler (1991)   (Production Coordinator)
High Grenadier (1991)   (Producer)
Tenshi no Uta (1991)   (General Producers (ゼネラルプロデュース))
Valis (1991)   (Executive Producers (エグゼクティブプロデュース))
Valis III (1991)   (Total Producer)
Dekoboko Densetsu: Hashiru Wagamanma (1990)   (Director (監修))
Jantei Monogatari (1990)   (Producer)
Legion (1990)   (Produce)
Exile (1988)   (Editing)


Exile (1988)   (Supervise)


Death Bringer (1988)   (Promotion)
Exile (1988)   (Promotion)
XZR: Hakai no Gōzō (1988)   (Promotion Department)


Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (1991)   (Support)
Mugen Senshi Valis II (1989)   (Cooperation (協力))
Death Bringer (1988)   (Assist)
Valis: The Fantasm Soldier (1986)   (Production Cooperation (制作協力))


Skyblazer (1993)   (Special Thanks)
Puzzle Boy (1991)   (Special Thanks)
Quiz Marugoto the World (1991)   (Special Thanks)
Valis (1991)   (Special Thanks to)
Gaiares (1990)   (Special Thanks)
Mugen Senshi Valis II (1989)   (Special Thanks)
Han-Seimei Senki Andorogynus (1987)   (Special Thanks)
Albatross (1986)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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