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Apollo Smile

Also Known As

  • Paula Apollo Anne Scharf

Game Credits


Space Channel 5: Part 2 (2002)   (Ulala)
Space Channel 5 (1999)   (Voices)

Developer Biography

Apollo Smile, (Real name, Paula Apollo Anne Scharf.) was born in New York, February 1967. She began her career at the Alvin Aily American Dance School. She decided to drop out, to pursue a career in music. In 1991, she released her first album, Apollo Smile. A single from the album, "Thunderbox" was featured on the soundtrack to Days of Thunder.

Inspired by her interest in anime and manga, she created a persona as the self described "Live Action Anime Girl". She held shows at various Anime conventions singing music she wrote herself, displaying her martial arts abilities, and selling merchandise based on persona. Among the merchandise included her next two albums, Love Kisses And Grenades, Wrecking Ball, and a comic based on her persona's adventures. She began voice acting in 1998, with roles in various OVAs and cartoons such as Battle Arena Toshinden and Megas XLR.

In 1999, she was cast as the voice of Ulala in Sega's Space Channel 5. In 2001 she became the female lead singer for the band Rockbot. She stayed with the band until 2003. In 2002 she reprised her role as Ulala in Space Channel 5 Part 2. After she left Rockbot, she began to distance herself from the "Live Action Anime Girl" persona she created and began to pursue voice acting and stunt double work.

She currently works as a dance instructor at the The Dance Corner dancing school in Killingworth, Connecticut.

Last updated: Apr 19, 2011

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