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Keita Hoshi

Also Known As

  • K. Hoshi

Game Credits


Marble Saga Kororinpa (2009)   (Sound Effects)
Bomberman 2 (2008)   (Sound Directors)
Star Soldier R (2008)   (Sound Director)
Tetris Party (2008)   (Sound Staff)
Bomberman Land Touch! 2 (2007)   (Sound Designer)
Bomberman Story DS (2007)   (Sound Designers)
Mario Party 8 (2007)   (Sound Program)
Mario Party DS (2007)   (Sound Support)
Bomberman Land Touch! (2006)   (Sound Designer)
Kororinpa: Marble Mania (2006)   (Sound Programmer)
Suikoden V (2006)   (Sound Program)
Frogger: Ancient Shadow (2005)   (Sound Supports)
Mario Party 7 (2005)   (Sound Programming)
Mario Party Advance (2005)   (Sound Director)
Tengai Makyō III: Namida (2005)   (Program (プログラム))
Mario Party 6 (2004)   (Sound Director)
Bloody Roar 4 (2003)   (Sound Support)
Bloody Roar Extreme (2003)   (Sound Data Operate)
Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue (2003)   (Sound Programmers)
Hudson Selection Vol. 4: Takahashi Meijin no B... (2003)   (Sound Support)
Mario Party 5 (2003)   (Sound Program)
Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (2002)   (Sound Data Operate)
Mario Party 4 (2002)   (Sound Programmers)
Pokémon Card GB2: GR Dan Sanjou! (2001)   (Music Program (ミュージックプログラム))
Bloody Roar 3 (2000)   (Sound Support)
Weltorv Estleia (1999)   (Sound Support (サウンドサポート))
Super B-Daman: Battle Phoenix 64 (1998)   (Sound System)
Bomberman 64 (1997)   (Sound Program)
Super Bomberman 5 (1997)   (Sound / Music Technical Support)
Tengai Makyō: Daiyon no Mokushiroku - The Ap... (1997)   (Engineering (技術))
Saturn Bomberman (1996)   (Sound Staff (サウンドスタッフ))
Super Bomberman 3 (1995)   (Music Composer)
Tengai Makyō Zero (1995)   (Music Design (ミュージックデザイン))
Vertical Force (1995)   (Sound Creators)
Shin Momotarō Densetsu (1993)   (Sound (サウンド))
Tengai Makyō: Fūun Kabuki Den (1993)   (Music)
Bomberman '93 (1992)   (Sound Programmers)
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II (1992)   (PSG)
Soldier Blade (1992)   (Original Score)
Tengai Makyō II: Manjimaru (1992)   (Music)
Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage Crisis (1991)   (Music by)
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (1991)   (PSG)
Neutopia II (1991)   (Music)
Populous / Populous: The Promised Lands (1991)   (SE)
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (1991)   (PSG)
Bomberman (1990)   (Sound Programmer)
Cratermaze (1990)   (Sound Program)
Ghouls 'N Ghosts (1990)   (Sound)
Super Star Soldier (1990)   (Music composer)
Break In (1989)   (Sound Design)
Doraemon: Meikyū Daisakusen (1989)   (Sound Program)
Susanoō Densetsu (1989)   (Sound Unit)
Tengai Makyō: Ziria (1989)   (Sound Program (サウンド・プログラム))
Ys: Book I & II (1989)   (Sound Effects)


Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs (2008)   (Technical Support)


Bomberman Blast (2008)   (Special Thanks To)
Bomberman Tournament (2001)   (Special Thanks)
Virus (1997)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.