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atari missile command

Rick Hall

Game Credits


Madden NFL 06 (2005)   (Senior Producer)
Madden NFL 06 (2005)   (Senior Producer)
Madden NFL 06 (2005)   (Senior Producer)
Madden NFL 06 (2005)   (Senior Producer)
Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge (2002)   (Senior Producers)
Ultima Online: Third Dawn (2001)   (Co - Producers)
Ultima Online: Renaissance (2000)   (Producer)
In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 (1999)   (Executive Producer)


In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 (1999)   (Design Team)
Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft (1996)   (Game Design)
Bureau 13 (1995)   (Writing & Design)
Star Crusader (1994)   (Game Design)
Challenge of the Five Realms (1992)   (Design)


In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64 (1999)   (Interface Programmer)
Bureau 13 (1995)   (Programming)
Star Crusader (1994)   (Interface Programming and Campaign Editor)
BloodNet (1993)   (Programming)
Challenge of the Five Realms (1992)   (Programming)


Star Crusader (1994)   (Story & Mission Layout)


Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)   (The Hell Cast)

Creative Services

Star Crusader (1994)   (Manual)


Black Dahlia (1998)   (Additional Support from Take 2 provided by)
Ripper (1996)   (Additional Support from Take 2 provided by)
Millennia: Altered Destinies (1995)   (Additional Support)


Arena Football (2006)   (Additional Thanks)
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2005)   (Special Thanks - thanks to the following people for their valuable help and support)
Jeopardy! (1998)   (Special Thanks to)
JetFighter: Full Burn (1998)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

Rick has been in the gaming industry for fifteen years. With a degree in Electronic engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, he worked for four years in the automated test industry before becoming a programmer for. Over the course of the next nine years, Paragon Software Software changed hands before finally becoming the core development studio for Take 2 Interactive Software in 1994. Within three years, Take 2 went public, and last year grossed over $300 million in revenues. Rick started out as a programmer, moved on to game designer, producer, and eventually ran Take 2's Gearhead development studio. Along the way, he worked on numerous game genres, including space flight sims, RTS, action/adventure games, graphic adventures, 3D fighting games, flight sims, puzzle games, and even a fishing simulation. His experience also spanned multiple platforms including the PC, Nintendo 64, and Sony Playstation. After moving to Origin Systems in 1999 and earning two years of experience in the online space, he was named OSIs MVP of the year 2000 and is now currently the Senior Producer for Ultima Online Live. His credits include: Challenge of the Five Realms, F15IIICD, Star Crusader, Bureau 13, Iron & Blood, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Basshunter 64, Ripper, Black Dahlia, Jetfighter: Full Burn, Ultima Online: Renaissance, and Ultima Online: Third Dawn.

Source: Selected articles from Origin Systems Official Website - About Us


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Last updated: Jun 19, 2003

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