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atari breakout

Shawn Hargreaves

Also Known As

  • Shawn Hergreaves

Game Credits


Dysnomia (2010)   (Additional Code Samples)
Starchon (2010)   (Additional Code Samples)
Globe Clicker (2009)   (Technical Advice)
Clonk Rage (2007)   (Allegro)
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 (2005)   (Programmer)
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 (2003)   (Additional Programmers)
Hot Wheels: World Race (2003)   (Additional Programmers)
The Italian Job (2003)   (Additional Programmers)
MotoGP 2 (2003)   (Lead Programmer)
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology (2002)   (Lead Programmer)
Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction (2001)   (Additional Code and Advice)
AllegroHack (2000)   (Allegro Library)
Gravity Force (2000)   (Allegro v3.9.32 by)
Extreme-G: XG2 (1998)   (Programmer)
Extreme-G (1997)   (Programmers)
Jasper's Journeys (1997)   (Low level routines (Allegro library v2.2))
Wanderer (1988)   (v401 made using tools by)


MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 (2005)   ("Dubadebedoom" performed by)
MotoGP 2 (2003)   (Psynn2 (Menus))
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology (2002)   (Music)


Molefest (2002)   (Allegro 4.0.0)
Baroll (2001)   (Uses Allegro 4.0.0 by)
Pyrastak (2001)   (Uses Allegro 4.0.0 by)


Unnecessary Violence (2012)   (Special Thanks to)
8 Bit Night (2011)   (Special Thanks to)
Text Zedventure (2010)   (Thanks to those on the XNA forums, including the following users for their help)
Air Legends (2009)   (Thanks to Microsoft & XNA Team for making this game possible. In particular...)
Alien 8 (2008)   (We would like to praise the following people)
Being (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Hexothermic (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Jewels (2008)   (I'd like to specially thank)
MotoGP '07 (2007)   (Thanks)
Deflektor X4 (2006)   (There are a lot of people that helped me with this game; the most important of them are the following ones)
MotoGP '06 (2006)   (Special Thanks)
PixelShips Retro (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Mythic Blades (2005)   (Special Thanks to)
Drop Of Light (2002)   (Special Thanks To The Following Entities:)
Biliardo 2 (2001)  
Buggers (2001)   (Special Thanks to)
Ultimate Steroids (2001)   (I'd like to thank following persons)
zpBlocks (2001)   (Special Thanks to)
HappyLand Adventures (2000)   (Special Thanks)
Operation Spacehog (2000)   (Special Thanks)
Glizda (1999)   (Special Thanks to)


Lunar Jetman (2003)   (ALLEGRO)
Terra Probe (1999)   (Allegro: Grafix Library by)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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