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Atari 50

Keith Zizza

Game Credits


Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000)   (Sound Design)


Caesar IV (2006)   (Video Engineer)
Robert E. Lee: Civil War General (1996)   (Video Editing)
Space Bucks (1996)   (Video Compresssion)


Marvel Puzzle Quest (2013)   (Audio)
Shoot Many Robots (2012)   (Audio)
The Oregon Trail: 40th Anniversary Edition (2011)   (Music)
Making History II: The War of the World (2010)   (Sound Design)
Hinterland: Orc Lords (2008)   (Master Bard)
Making History: The Calm & The Storm - Gold E... (2008)   (Music)
Mosby's Confederacy (2008)   (Sound Designer)
Making History: The Calm & The Storm (2007)   (Music & Sound Effects)
SimCity Societies (2007)   (Audio Director & Additional Music)
Caesar IV (2006)   (Composer)
Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile (2004)   (Composer, Sound Designer & Video Engineer)
Poseidon: Zeus Official Expansion (2001)   (Audio Director)
Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000)   (Music)
Pharaoh (1999)   (Music)
Lords of Magic: Special Edition (1998)   (Music)
Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: Generals (1997)   (Music)
Lords of Magic (1997)   (Music)
Lords of the Realm II: Siege Pack (1997)   (Music & Sound Effects)
Lords of the Realm II (1996)   (Music and Sound Effects)
The Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires (1996)   (Music & Sound)
Robert E. Lee: Civil War General (1996)   (Music (Editing))
Space Bucks (1996)   (Sound)

Developer Biography

Fascinated with music and sound (and games) at an early age, Keith explored the world of audio on his first home computer at the age of 12, and has never looked back. Keith represents the highest echelon of musical talent in the gaming industry. His wide range of experience in digital audio includes broadcast production (The Troupe), research & development (Fostex R&D), and most recently audio direction at Impressions Games, where he worked for the past six years. Keith has been an integral part of the success of many highly acclaimed titles, such as:

Keith has also written two feature articles related to game audio: Your Audio Design Document: Important Items to Consider in Audio Design, Production, and Support, July 2000. http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20000726/zizza_01.htm

Writing Music Under Extreme Deadlines, June 1999 (co-author) http://www.gamasutra.com/features/19990625/composing_01.htm

Source: Tilted mill company page.

Last updated: Jan 25, 2008

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