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Gareth Hinds

Game Credits


Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles: Rise of the U... (2006)   (3D Artists)
Disney Presents a Pixar Film: Cars (2006)   (3D Artists)
The Incredibles (2004)   (Artists)
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide (2003)   (Portrait Artist)
Tak and the Power of Juju (2003)   (Art)
Star Wars: The New Droid Army (2002)   (Art)
Sinistar: Unleashed (1999)   (Content Design / Art)
System Shock 2 (1999)   (Lead Artist)
Flight Unlimited (1995)   (Graphics / Artwork)


Freedom Force (2002)   (Voices)

Creative Services

Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri (1996)   (Manual Art)
Flight Unlimited (1995)   (Documentation)


Freedom Force (2002)   (Thanks To)

Developer Biography

Gareth was originally hired by Looking Glass upon graduation from Parsons School of Design in 1994. He was Lead Artist on the original Flight Unlimited, and contributed to Terra Nova and System Shock Mac. He left the company in 1995 ("making me the earliest LG-quitter among the Irrational team") for a brief sojourn in the commercial software world ("it was supposed to be like the Metaverse, but it ended up more like Lotus Notes"), after which he became Conceptual Lead on the GameFX title Sinistar Unleashed.

Gareth joined Irrational as a consultant in the early prototyping stages of System Shock 2, and ended up as Lead Artist. Although allegedly acting under orders, he was the man most directly responsible for all those unbelievably blocky monsters ("Hey! You try and do better with 275 polygons!!!").

Gareth has a BFA in illustration from Parsons School of Design, and is currently employed at Helixe. When he isn't working on computer games, he draws a lot and runs a vast comic publishing empire.

Last updated: May 31, 2005

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