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atari adventure

Conan Reis

Game Credits


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (2014)   (Scripting Tech Lead)
Sleeping Dogs (2012)   (Scripting Tech Lead)
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (2002)   (Programmers)
Triple Play: Gold Edition (1996)   (Programming)
Triple Play 96 (1995)   (Programming)


Fortnite: Battle Royale (2018)   (Designed, Developed, and Published by Epic Games)

Developer Biography

Conan has been in the video game industry since 1993 and began his life with a grasp of storytelling, fiction, and entertainment that only a fun-loving, crazy Canadian named after a comic book character can really hope to attain.

Age 5 - Changed forever by discovering Pong and the Atari 2600. Age 9 - Began programming on Atari 8-bit. Wrote first artificial intelligence programs. Age 11 - Started writing computer games, decided that this would be the perfect outlet for storytelling, AI, and eventual world domination.

Time passed...

Toiled at Electronic Arts Canada. Co-founded Helikon Technologies Inc. CEO-ed Sensible Toast Inc. Slaved at LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd. Ran Agog Labs for fun and profit and created a new game scripting language and other game tech. Now at United Front Games working on an unannounced title.

Last updated: Aug 10, 2008

atari missile command