Christian Robert

Game Credits


Heart of Darkness (1998)   (Designers)
Flashback: The Quest for Identity (1992)   (Video Co-directors)


Heart of Darkness (1998)   (Screenplay)


Real Football 2013 (2012)   (2D Art Directors)
Modern Combat: Domination (2011)   (2D Graphics)
Order & Chaos: Online (2011)   (2D Artists)
Real Soccer 2012 (2011)   (Art Directors)
Asphalt 5 (2010)   (2D Artists)
Earthworm Jim HD (2010)   (Artists)
Real Soccer 2011 (2010)   (Art Directors)
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing (2008)   (2D Artists)
Battle for the White House (2008)   (Graphics)
Jimmy White Snooker Legend (2008)   (Art Concept Lead)
Midnight Bowling 2 (2008)   (Graphics)
American Popstar: Road to Celebrity (2007)   (Artists)
Guitar Rock Tour (2007)   (2D Artists)
Real Rugby (2007)   (Left Wings (Animators))
Asphalt 3: Street Rules (2006)   (Graphics)
Ibiza Beach Party (2006)   (Artists)
Heart of Darkness (1998)   (Characters)
Flashback: The Quest for Identity (1992)   (Graphic Artists )
Cruise for a Corpse (1991)   (Graphics)


Flashback: The Quest for Identity (1992)   (Actors )


Flashback (2013)   (This game is dedicated to the memory of)
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline (2011)   (Special Thanks)
Modern Combat: Domination (2011)   (In Memory of)
Order & Chaos: Online (2011)   (In loving memory of)
Real Soccer 2011 (2011)   (In loving memory of)
Bubble Bash! (2006)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

Christian Robert was graphician and pixel artist on a large number of games, such as Cruise for a Corpse and Flashback (1992) on Amiga 500 and Atari ST but he was also art director and originator of concept arts, backgrounds and animations of Heart of Darkness on PlayStation and PC. And you can see his art in most of Gameloft's games (even if his name is not in credits...)

He left us on October 2010 in a car accident at age of 52 years.

Flashback (2013) is dedicated to the memory of Christian Robert.

Last updated: Oct 06, 2013