Richard Ham

Game Credits


Fable II (2008)   (Senior Management Team)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2002)   (Creative Director)


DreamWorks' Shark Tale (2004)   (Creative Director)


Fable: Anniversary (2014)   (Original Designers)
Brink (2011)   (Creative Director)
Fable: The Lost Chapters (2005)   (Designers)
DreamWorks' Shark Tale (2004)   (Creative Director)
Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (2004)   (Creative Director)
The Sims (2003)   (Creative Director)
Syphon Filter 3 (2001)   (Design)
Syphon Filter 2 (2000)   (Design Lead)
Syphon Filter (1999)   (Design Lead)
Bubsy 3D (1996)   (Design)


Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (2004)   (Story By)
Syphon Filter 3 (2001)   (Story and Script)
Syphon Filter 2 (2000)   (Story and Script)
Syphon Filter (1999)   (Story & Script)

Creative Services

Bubsy 3D (1996)   (Manual Text)


Fable II: Pub Games (2008)   (Lionhead)

Developer Biography

On 8th December 2008 it was announced Richard Ham had joined Splash Damage in the position of creative director. Previously he was Lead Designer on Fable II.

Last updated: Dec 16, 2008