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Takeshi Kusao

Also Known As

  • 草尾 毅
  • くさお たけし

Game Credits


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (2020)   (Trunks (Adult))
Jump Force (2019)   (Trunks)
Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018)   (Trunks)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)   (DLC and Misc. Character Voice (uncredited))
Warriors Orochi 4 (2018)   (Voice Cast)
Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 (2017)   (Ky Kiske)
Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada (2017)   (Yukimura Sanada)
Tales of the Rays (2017)   (Cast)
Warriors All-Stars (2017)   (Cast)
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 (2016)   (Gotenks)
Samurai Warriors 4: Empires (2016)   (Yukimura Sanada)
Bladestorm: Nightmare (2015)   (Hal)
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (2015)   (Gotenks)
Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- (2015)   (Ky Kiske)
Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R (2015)   (Ky Kiske)
Samurai Warriors 4-II (2015)   (Yukimura Sanada)
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (2014)   (Gotenks™)
Samurai Warriors 4 (2014)   (Yukimura Sanada)
Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate (2014)   (Yukimura Sanada, Additional Voices)
Dragon Ball Z for Kinect (2012)   (Trunks®)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (2012)   (Japanese Voice Cast)
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi (2011)   (Trunks, Kid Trunks)
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (2010)   (Trunks, Kid Trunks)
The Sly Collection (2010)   (Sky Cooper)
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (2009)   (Trunks, Kid Trunks)
Samurai Warriors 3 (2009)   (Yukimura Sanada, Various)
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (2008)   (Japanese Voice Cast)
Guilty Gear 2: Overture (2008)   (Ky Kiske)
Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus (2008)   (Ky-Kiske)
Warriors Orochi 2 (2008)   (Voice Actors)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (2007)   (Trunks®)
Shining Force EXA (2007)   (Zenus (ゼナス))
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (2006)   (Trunks ®)
Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers (2006)   (Voice Actors)
Guilty Gear Judgment (2006)   (Ky)
Saint Seiya: The Hades (2006)   (Shura)
Super Dragon Ball Z (2006)   (Trunks)
Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary (2005)   (Shura)
Advance Guardian Heroes (2004)   (Cast)
Guilty Gear X2: The Midnight Carnival #Reload (2004)   (Ky / Robo-Ky (story))
Samurai Warriors (2004)   (Voice Actor)
Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends (2004)   (Yukimura Sanada)
Guilty Gear Isuka (2003)   (Ky)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (2002)   (DBZ Japanese Voices)
Guilty Gear X2 (2002)   (Ky / Robo-Ky)
Guilty Gear X Plus (2001)   (Voice Actors)
Summon Night 2 (2001)   (Shamrock (シャムロック))
Guilty Gear X (2000)   (Voice Actors)
Rakugaki Showtime (1999)   (John Calibur (ジョンカリバ))
Valkyrie Profile (1999)   (Japanese Voice Actors)
Abalaburn (1998)   (Cast)
Guilty Gear (1998)   (Ky Kiske)
Langrisser I & II (1998)   (Elwin (エルウィン))
Wachenröder (1998)   (Lucian (ルシアン))
Der Langrisser (1996)   (Elwin (エルウィン))
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension (1996)   (Character Voice)
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butōden (1995)   (Trunks (トランクス))
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (1995)   (Trunks)
Slam Dunk: I Love Basketball (1995)   (Visual Part Voice Cast (声の出演 ビジュアルパート))
Slam Dunk: Kyōgō Makkō Taiketsu! (1995)   (Voice (ボイス))
Tales of Phantasia (1995)   (Voice Actor & Actresses)
Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle (1994)   (Trunks)
Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Gokū Densetsu (1994)   (Trunks (トランクス))
Dragon Ball Z: L'Appel Du Destin (1994)   (Character Voice)
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 3 (1994)   (Trunks)
Monster Maker: Yami no Ryū Kishi (1994)   (Tamalon (タムローン))
Record of Lodoss War (1994)   (Parn (パーン))
Revengers of Vengeance (1994)   (Voices)
Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence (1994)   (Latok Kart (ラトク・カート))
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden (1993)   (Trunks)
SegaSonic The Hedgehog (1993)   (Sonic)
Burai II: Yami Kōtei no Gyakushū (1992)   (Zan Hayate (ザン・ハヤテ))
Record of Lodoss War (1992)   (Parn (パーン))
Xak I・II (1992)   (Latok Kart (ラトク・カート))
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yūshi Densetsu (1991)   (Cast)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.