Eric Dybsand

Game Credits


The Perfect General (1991)   (Our dedicated, yet fun-loving group of high quality playtesters)


Stardate 2140.2: Crusade in Space (1995)   (Design)


Men of Valor (2004)   (Programming)
NHRA Drag Racing 2 (2000)   (A/I Programming)
The War in Heaven (1999)   (Programming)
Enemy Nations (1996)   (Development Lead)
Stardate 2140.2: Crusade in Space (1995)   (Programming)


Stardate 2140.2: Crusade in Space (1995)   (Graphics and Artwork)


Stardate 2140.2: Crusade in Space (1995)   (Composer)

Quality Assurance

Empire Deluxe (1993)   (Playtesters/Beta Testers)
The Perfect General (1991)   (Playtesters)


Men of Valor (2004)   (In Memory of)
Master of Orion 3 (2003)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

As a freelance computer game AI consultant for over 16 years, Eric consulted with a number of game developers on an extensive list of computer games, including designing and developing the AI for Full Spectrum Command, a tactical command simulator used by the US Army and developed by Quicksilver Software. He also worked with Quicksilver when he designed the strategic AI for Master of Orion 3. Eric designed and developed the driver AI for a Trans-Am racing game as a consultant to Motorsims and he provided AI consulting services to Kodiak Interactive for baseball and wrestling games. He also designed and developed the AI opponents for the RTS game Enemy Nations for Windward Studios as a contractor and for the FPS game Rebel Moon Revolution and War in Heaven for Fenris Wolfe. Eric has been involved with computer game AI since 1987, doing game design, programming and testing, and is a contributing author on AI for the Game Programming Gems and AI Wisdom book series, and he was a regular technical reviewer for publishers of AI programming books.

In addition to the games he actually contributed to, Eric was very active in the game development community, helping to found a group of local game developers in 1987 which is still continuing to meet, as well as helping champion and expand the field of AI programming for games.

Eric passed away on April 15, 2004.

Last updated: Apr 25, 2004