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Michael Hengst

Game Credits


S3: Silent Storm - Sentinels (2004)   (Director Business Development)
SpellForce: The Breath of Winter (2004)   (Director Business Development)
Arx Fatalis (2002)   (Director Product Management)
Far West (2002)   (Director Product Management)


Ancient Wars: Sparta (2006)   (Producing)
Evil Days of Luckless John (2006)   (Producer)
First Battalion (2006)   (Producers)
Ski Racing 2006 Featuring Hermann Maier (2005)   (Producer)
Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation (2004)   (Director Product Management)
Gothic II: Night of the Raven (2003)   (Director Product Development)
Soccer Manager Pro (2003)   (Director Product Management)


First Battalion (2006)   (Designers)


Against Rome (2003)   (Director Product Management)
Cold Zero: No Mercy (2003)   (Director Product Management)
Die Gilde: Gaukler, Gruften & Geschütze (2003)   (Director Product Management)
Neighbors from Hell (2003)   (Director Product Management)
Europa 1400: The Guild (2002)   (Director Product Management)
Gothic II (2002)   (Director Product Management)

Creative Services

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (2008)   (Editor)
Sacred: Gold (2005)   (Texts)
Sacred: Underworld (2005)   (Text, Layout, Concept, Design)
Arx Fatalis (2002)   (New Manual)


Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength (2018)   (Thanks to)
Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You (2016)   (Thanks to)
Aggression: Reign over Europe (2008)   (Special Thanks to)
Gangsters: Organized Crime (1998)   (Special Thanks to)
American Dream (1996)   (Special Thanks to)

Developer Biography

Michael Hengst worked in the games industry since 1988. While being editor and editor in-chief of the famous German magazines POWER PLAY and Video Games, he worked also on various games in various roles. One of his earliest works was the translation of the in game text and the manual of the SSI Role Playing Game Buck Rogers. He worked also as a tester for the German version of Landstalker, which he, funnily enough, played first in Japanese. That fact has been brought to the attention of the European boss of Sega, at that time. During an ECTS, Michael had the chance to convince him to bring Landstalker into Germany.

In addition he was – in a certainly strange way – responsible for bringing the RPG Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant into the German market. By visiting the developer Sir-Tech in the early nineties, he became a close friend the co-owner of Sir-Tech, Robert Sirotek. Wondering why Wizardry has never been released in Germany, he brought together Robert and Jürgen Goeldner, the Managing Director of the German publisher Softgold. As a result the Game was released 1993 in Germany in a fully localised version.

Michael worked between 1995 and 1996 for the well known Developer Sunflowers, and than as a freelancer before opening his own business in 1998. During that time, Michael Hengst brought successful strategy guides into the German market, which sold well. In addition he did some press folders and brochures on different games, like Diablo II.

Michael worked for the Austrian based Publisher/Developer JoWooD Software AG in various roles. He helped bolstering JoWooD into becoming multi platform publisher and took on different projects, like Ski Racing 2005: Featuring Hermann Mayer, which has been developed by the Swedish developer Coldwood Interactive on three different platforms.

Later, Michael worked as a freelancer for various companies. For JoWooD Software AG, together with the Slovenian developer Zootfly and US Designer Bob Bates, he worked on the game First Battalion

In the following years he worked in producing positions for Playlogic (2005/2006), Steel Monkeys (2006 - 2008) and Gameforge (10/2009 - 03/2011). In August 2011 he founded his own company Flying Fishkopp Productions which is a contractor for free-to-play and mobile game content. In 2012 he also started to write for the magazine Chip Power Play.

Last updated: Aug 27, 2013