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atari adventure

Tetsu Inada

Also Known As

  • Tethu Inada
  • 稲田 徹

Game Credits


Guilty Gear: Strive (2021)   (Leo Whitefang)
Shin Megami Tensei V (2021)   (Thor)
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (2020)   (Nappa)
Granblue Fantasy: Versus (2020)   (Ladiva)
Live A Hero (2020)   (Toshu)
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (2020)   (Carnage Kabuto)
Dead or Alive 6 (2019)   (Raidou)
Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018)   (Nappa)
Dynasty Warriors 9 (2018)   (Lu Bu, Huang Gai)
Lost Sphear (2018)   (Voice Actors)
My Hero One's Justice (2018)   (Endeavor)
Shining Resonance Refrain (2018)   (Trishula)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)   (DLC and Misc. Character Voice (uncredited))
Warriors Orochi 4 (2018)   (Voice Cast)
Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 (2017)   (Leo Whitefang)
Warriors All-Stars (2017)   (Cast)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)   (Dromarch)
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (2016)   (Gankoomon)
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 (2016)   (Nappa)
Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (2016)   (Voice Cast)
Mighty No. 9 (2016)   (Mighty No. 4 Seismic)
One Piece: Burning Blood (2016)   (Jesus Burgess)
Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (2016)   (Voice Actor)
Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk (2015)   (Fred)
Bravely Second: End Layer (2015)   (Voice Actors)
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (2015)   (Japanese Cast)
Devil's Third (2015)   (Grundla Saha)
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (2015)   (Nappa)
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (2015)   (Lu Bu, Huang Gai)
Fate/Grand Order (2015)   (Voice Acting (in alphabetical order))
Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- (2015)   (Leo Whitefang)
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (2015)   (Mr. 1 / Burgess)
Time Crisis 5 (2015)   (Japanese Voice Actors)
XenobladeX (2015)   (Ga Dlg)
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (2014)   (Nappa™)
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends - Complete Edition (2014)   (Original Japanese Voice Cast)
Gunhound EX (2014)   (William Wagner)
Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate (2014)   (Lu Bu, Huang Gai)
Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (2013)   (Lu Bu, Huang Gai)
Dynasty Warriors 8 (2013)   (Lu Bu, Huang Gai)
Dragon Ball Z for Kinect (2012)   (Nappa™)
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (2012)   (Japanese Voice Cast)
Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)   (Pyrrhon (ラーズ))
Bleach: Soul Resurrección (2011)   (Sajin Komamura)
Dead or Alive: Dimensions (2011)   (Raidou)
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi (2011)   (Nappa)
Dynasty Warriors 7 (2011)   (Lu Bu, Huang Gai)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)   (Voice Talent)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2011)   (Voice Talent)
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (2010)   (Nappa)
Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team (2010)   (Nappa)
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (2010)   (Tachibana Muneshige (立花宗茂))
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (2009)   (Nappa)
Eternal Poison (2008)   (Logue)
Sigma Harmonics (2008)   (Dickson (ディクソン))
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier (2008)   (Shuten)
Warriors Orochi 2 (2008)   (Voice Actors)
Fate/stay night (2007)   (Others)
Kabu Trader Shun (2007)   (Cast)
Castlevania: Double Pack (2006)   (Voice Cast)
Mega Man ZX (2006)   (Model P / Thon)
Another Century's Episode (2005)   (Cast (キャスト))
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (2005)   (Cast)
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War (2005)   (Randy O'Neill)
Namco x Capcom (2005)   (Berabohman (ベラボーマン))
Tengai Makyō III: Namida (2005)   (Rekka no Myō-Ō (烈火の明王))
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (2004)   (Japanese Voice Actors)
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (2004)   (Mull)
Black/Matrix OO (2004)   (Red Mouflon (レッドムフロン))
Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (2004)   (Voice Actors)
Mega Man Zero 3 (2004)   (Voice Cast)
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (2003)   (Voice Cast)
Exaskeleton (2003)   (Arthur D. Cunningham (アーサー D カニンガム))
The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood (2003)   (Cast)
Summon Night 3 (2003)   (Jakinie (ジャキーニ))
Hooligan (2002)   (General Modular (モジュラー元帥))
Jojo no Kimyō na Bōken: Ōgon no ... (2002)   (Voice Actor)
Koro Koro Post Nin (2002)   (Ōkokichi (王虎吉))
Mega Man Zero (2002)   (Voice Cast)
Air (2001)   (.)
Segagaga (2001)   (Dept. A Chief / Dept. B Chief / Announcer (A研部長/B研部長/アナウンサー))
Summon Night 2 (2001)   (Jakini (ジャキーニ))
Yakiniku Bugyō (2001)   (Aoni Production Co. Ltd. [株式会社 青二プロダクション])
Battle Tryst (1998)   (Aoni Production)
Langrisser I & II (1998)   (Ost (オスト))
Dragon Knight 4 (1997)   (Soldiers (衛兵))
Langrisser IV (1997)   (False God Gendrasil (邪神ゲンドラシル) / General Aldan (アルダン将軍))
Sparkling Feather (1997)   (Tortoise (タートイス))
Der Langrisser (1996)   (Ost (オスト))

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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