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atari mania

Maciej Miąsik

Also Known As

  • Maciek Miąsik
  • Maciej Miasik

Game Credits


The Beast Inside (2019)   (VCEO)


The Witcher (Platinum Edition) (2010)   (Head of Production)
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (2008)   (Head of Production)
The Witcher (2007)   (Head of Production)
Sentinel: Descendants in Time (2004)   (Producer)
A.D. 2044 (1996)   (Assistant Producer)


Beat Cop (2017)   (Design)
Call of Juarez: The Cartel (2011)   (Additional Level Design)
Codename: Nina - Global Terrorism Strike Force (2003)   (Game Design)
Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon (2003)   (Additional Design)
Schizm: Mysterious Journey (2001)   (Supporting Designer)
Treasure Island (1997)   (Design)
Fire Fight (1996)   (Game Design)
Electroman (1992)   (Design)


Beat Cop (2017)   (Programming)
The Witcher (Platinum Edition) (2010)   (Programming: Additional Programming)
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (2008)   (Additional Programming)
The Witcher (2007)   (Additional Programming)
Schizm: Mysterious Journey (2001)   (Supporting Programmer)
Reah: Face the Unknown (1998)   (Programming)
Fire Fight (1996)   (Engine Programmers)
Robbo (1993)   (Programmed by)
Electroman (1992)   (Programming)


Beat Cop (2017)   (Writing)


Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon (2003)   (Visual Special Effects)
Schizm: Mysterious Journey (2001)   (Video Editing, Compositing and Special Effects)
Electroman (1992)   (Graphics / Artwork)


Schizm: Mysterious Journey (2001)   (Camera)
Reah: Face the Unknown (1998)   (Video Editing)


Beat Cop (2017)   (Sound Design)
The Witcher (Platinum Edition) (2010)   (Music & Sound: Additional Sound)
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (2008)   (Additional Sound)
The Witcher (2007)   (Additional Sound)
Sentinel: Descendants in Time (2004)   (Sound design)
Codename: Nina - Global Terrorism Strike Force (2003)   (Sound Design)
Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon (2003)   (Sound Design)
Schizm: Mysterious Journey (2001)   (Sound Design)
Reah: Face the Unknown (1998)   (Sound Effects)
Blaster! (1997)   (Sounds (Efekty dźwiękowe))
Fire Fight (1996)   (Sound Editing)

Quality Assurance

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition (2017)   (Help and Testing)
Lichtspeer (2016)   (Help and Testing)

Creative Services

Electroman (1992)   (Documents)
Heartlight (1992)   (Documentation)


Literki - Cyferki (1993)   (Support)


Carrion (2020)   (Very Special Thanks)
Here Be Dragons (2020)   (Special Thanks)
Liberated (2020)   (Special Thanks)
Die for Valhalla! (2018)   (Special Thanks)
Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition (2017)   (Uber Thanks)
Seven: The Days Long Gone (2017)   (Special Thanks)
Superhot (2016)   (Thanks to)
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011)   (Special Thanks)
Overclocked: A History of Violence (2007)   (With Special Thanks To)
Fire Zone (1999)   (Special Thanks (random order))


Heartlight (1992)   (Support)

Developer Biography

Maciej Miasik studied computer science for several years but the studies required him to sacrifice his greatest passion - personal computers and programming, therefore he decided to quit studies and start just developing games. Together with a friend - Janusz Pelc - formed a two person team Chaos Works which developed back in 1991 for xLand Games the first Polish, professional quality PC game - "Electro Body" - when released, the best selling PC game in Poland ("Electro Body" is still the legendary game among many PC users). "Electro Body" (as "Electro Man") along with 2 other titles developed by the same 2 persons was later published as "Epic Puzzle Pack" worldwide by Epic MegaGames, then shareware games giant. Later the expanded Chaos Works team developed in Poland "Fire Fight" shooter for Electronic Arts - one of the very first Windows 95 games in the world. "Fire Fight" was named "best shooter" by the US edition PC Gamer in 1996, unfortunately the game went unnoticed due to complete lack of any marketing from EA. Maciek left Chaos Works and joined Detalion team at the beginning of development of "Reah: face the unknown". Together they also developed "Schizm: Mysterious Journey" adventure game.

Maciek was one of the co-founders of Detalion s.c. - the independent game development studio comprised of Detalion team members. Detalion developed "Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon" and "Sentinel: Descendants in Time".

He had several quite diverse jobs in the Detalion team. He was the technical director - managed a technical side of the development. He did sound design work for the games. He managed video shooting if necessary or lead the work on any cinematic sequences. He edited video and did all video special effects (compositing). He organized several other parts of the development (story, public relations, support, etc.). He also sometimes programmed supporting game code and managed programmer.

After Detalion s.c. closed its doors, Maciek joined CD Projekt Red team, working on "The Witcher" as the Head of Production.

Last updated: Nov 13, 2007

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