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Martin Piper

Game Credits


Knights & Demons (2013)   (Using the TapeMasterPro software by)
Canabalt (2011)   (Tape Mastering (& Loader Game))
Hyper Viper (2011)   (Loader Source by)
Marathon 2: Durandal (2007)   (Multiplayer)
Urban Chaos: Riot Response (2006)   (Programming Team)
Carve (2004)  
Bionicle: Matoran Adventures (2002)   (Programmers)
Balloonacy (2001)   (Tape Turbo System by)
Alien: Resurrection (2000)   (Programmers)
Creature Shock (1997)   (Coders)
FX Fighter Turbo (1996)   (Video Compression)

Developer Biography

Martin Piper has been credited with a game called Tusari in 1991 for the Commodore 64. At the age of 19 Martin became involved with and later took over a small time software and publishing house called ‘TBA Software’.

A year later saw him begin a full time career at a computer games development house called Argonaut Software Ltd. (

The main projects he has worked on to date are:

Tusari (C64) TAG, a complete development environment used to develop 3D applications. (RISC OS) Cobalt Seed, a fly in to the screen 3D shoot-em-up, (RISC OS) F.T.T., a 3D racing game where the race help on the outside of a tube suspended in space. (RISC OS). Brutal Horse Power, a 3D racing game similar to Daytona. (RISC OS) A.R.L. a 3D futuristic shoot-em-up. (RISC OS) Creature Shock, an FMV space adventure. (CD-i) Croc I, a 3D platform game involving a cute crocodile. (Playstation) FX Fighter and FX Fighter Turbo (Windows PC) MAD, a motion video compression algorithm designed to achieve quality video playback on a 50 MHz 486 without special hardware. (DOS and Windows PC) Alien Odyssey, this conversion from the PC was half finished before being stopped. (Saturn) Cult, a PC based 3rd person roaming and shooting game. (Windows 95) BRender, a 3D rendering API that was sold by Argonaut Software to other software houses. (SGI and PC). A short period was spent working with the Firewalker team at SGI and also visiting their Mountain View offices to help with integrating BRender in to Firewalker. Alien Resurrection (Playstation) (2nd Place in Edge magazine all formats technical achievement award winner for the year 2001) Lead programmer on a secret project for Microsoft’s new ‘XBox’ console. A new network API using C++ classes to replicate shared network objects. (Cross platform) Lego Bionicle Matoran Adventures. (Gameboy Advance) Design and write a new game API and 3D engine for the new Series 60 mobile phones. Lead programmer on a concept project for the new generation of mobile phones.

Last updated: Nov 03, 2003