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Shigeru Miyamoto


Shigeru Miyamoto<br>2016<br><small>Source: Nintendo</small>
Shigeru Miyamoto<br>2013<br><small>Source: Nintendo</small>
Miyamoto with his famous crew
Shigeru Miyamoto<br><small>source: navgtr.org</small>
Circa 2003
Shigeru hamming up a Zelda plug at E3 2004.
Demonstrating 'Wii Orchestra' at E3 2006
Miyamoto demonstrating the Wii Remote during the E³ 2006 press conference. Taken from the Wikipedia
2009 - G4's E3 interview.
2010 - Receiving the BAFTA Fellowship award.
circa 1999<br><small>source: Gamers' Republic (Issue 9/February 1999) - Pg. 51</small>
circa 1999<br><small>source: Gamers' Republic (Issue 18/November 1999) - Pg. 88</small>
circa 2000<br><small>source: Gamers' Republic (Issue 26/July 2000) - Pg. 72</small>
circa 2000<br><small>source: Gamers' Republic (Issue 29/October 2000) - Pg. 14</small>
circa 1991<br><small>source: 任天堂公式ガイドブックスーパーマリオワールド - Pg. 161</small>
circa 1991<br><small>source: 任天堂公式ガイドブックスーパーマリオワールド - Pg. 162</small>
circa 1991<br><small>source: 任天堂公式ガイドブックスーパーマリオワールド - Pg. 165</small>
Shigeru Miyamoto<br>2009<br><small>Source: Nintendo</small>
Shigeru Miyamoto: The force behind the Legend of Zelda
Shigeru Miyamoto<br>2016<br><small>Source: Nintendo</small>
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