Is PC gaming dead?


We have come a long way since the days of text adventures and 5.25" floppy drives. Today we have some of the best graphics and sound ever experienced in a PC game. Much of the hype over the "end of PC gaming" is coming from people who have a vested interest in seeing it proved wrong. And to a large extent they're going to get their wish. PC gaming isn't dead, but it could be better.

To close, I thought that I would mention two games that I personally think are great examples of where games are going, and how far we have come. I recommend both of these games to beginners and hard core gamers. My first recommendation is Starlancer. Although this title did not receive the attention it deserved, it is still one of the best space flight games to come along in a long time. It has an excellent storyline and stunning graphics. The second title is Shogun: Total War. Some of the most beautiful graphics that I have ever seen are in this game; it totally took my breath away. But it didn't stop there. Easy to learn and addictive, Shogun is a treat.

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