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The World of Final Fantasy

History of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is the name of a long series of console RPGs, the last ones currently being the online-RPG "Final Fantasy XI" , and a direct sequel to "Final Fantasy X" - "Final Fantasy X-2". The "numbered" Final Fantasy games all belong to the same style and share many common sides. However, there are also other games bearing the Final Fantasy title, that belong to other genres or have otherwise little in common with the "main" Final Fantasy games. To those game belong the handheld Final Fantasies (Final Fantasy Legend series, and "Seiken Densetsu", known as "Final Fantasy Adventure" outside Japan; both series were developed for the GameBoy), a US-made "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest" for SNES, and "Final Fantasy Tactics", a strategy RPG for Playstation. This article is dedicated to the main series only.

The mainstream Final Fantasy games can be easily divided into four groups, after the four main consoles they were made for: Final Fantasy I-III for NES, IV-VI for SNES, VII-IX for Playstation, and (currently) X, XI, and X-2 for Playstation 2. Since this article was planned and conceived before those last two games were released, and I still haven't had the chance of playing them, they will not be discussed in detail.

Several Final Fantasy games were ported to other systems. The seventh and the eighth games were released for the PC. All SNES Final Fantasies were later released for the Playstation: in Japan, as "Final Fantasy Collection"; in USA, in two compilations: "Final Fantasy Chronicles", containing the fourth game of the series together with "Chrono Trigger", and "Final Fantasy Anthology", containing the fifth and the sixth games; in PAL countries, "Anthology" contained "Final Fantasy IV" and "Final Fantasy V", while "Final Fantasy VI" was released separately, with the demo of "Final Fantasy X" included. The two first NES Final Fantasies were also recently released for Playstation as "Final Fantasy Origins". There are plans for porting the SNES Final Fantasies to Game Boy Advance.

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