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The World of Final Fantasy

The Present and Future of Final Fantasy

After "Final Fantasy X", Square released their first ever massive multiplayer online RPG: "Final Fantasy XI". Players are required to create their own characters, choosing from five different races. They can customize their appearance (body, hair color, etc.). "Final Fantasy XI" returns to the very roots of the series, by having a story largely based on Crystals. It also revives the job system of "Final Fantasy III" and "Final Fantasy V".

The latest Final Fantasy game is currently "Final Fantasy X-2". For the first time, Square created a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. "Final Fantasy X-2" continues the story of "Final Fantasy X". Yuna finds a strange sphere that reminds her of her one and only love - the blitzball player Tidus. Together with her friends Rikku and Paine, Yuna starts a journey, during which she hopes to discover the mystery of the spheres and to find her beloved one. "Final Fantasy X-2" introduces many totally new elements: the ability of the main heroine to climb and to jump, a fast-paces combat system, non-linearity of the gameplay. It also presents a system similar to the job-changing of "Final Fantasy V".

It is obvious that with those two games, Square tries to abandon trusted concepts and to break traditions. Instead of producing pale clones of previous games, Square is true to its motto: experiment and try. No matter how the future Final Fantasies will be like, I don't think the creativity and the talent of Square storytellers, artists, and programmers can possibly vanish, and that means more amazing gaming experiences await us.

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