Portable Wonders

Mobile games, literally!

Ever heard of snake? Nearly every person who has owned a Nokia mobile phone has. You see, while Nintendo has gone about its business, another market has opened up, thanks to a little Swedish company that could. As technology grew during the 90’s, so did the interests of the users. Mobile phones were one of the greatest evolvers of that period, constantly changing and adding new features every year. Nokia, for the most part, led the way in that field, but it was one of their less important features that began a new fad. Of course, I’m talking about Snake. Thanks to the little, slithering creature, mobile users had a reason to sit in front of the little screen and do something besides answering a phone call. Along with the whole ring tone thing that continues to plague us today, nearly every mobile phone since the humble 5110 has included some form of video game entertainment. [The 5110 wasn’t the first to include such an option, but it was the first to make it a fashion, if you know what I mean.]

And now we have the next phase of that technology, Java games. Using the abilities of Wireless Java (a nifty little tool to create mobile phone and wireless device programs), you can now download a heap of java based games, ranging from beat ‘em ups to racing games to simple puzzle games. Even Splinter Cell, X-Men and Rayman have made the jump to the java world. And all you need is a compatible mobile phone, and a few dollars to pay for the cost of the download. While mobile phone games may not be as popular at the moment compared to the Game Boy, it is certainly claiming itself as a major market item.

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