Portable Wonders


So there you have it folks, the future of handheld gaming is finally looking up. Nintendo has slowed the advancement in handheld gaming, although the Game Boy has been a joy to play. But finally we are seeing the potential of the handheld market find its feet, and that can only be a good thing.

I apologise to all readers if I missed anything out along the way (I am sure there have been many other companies in the industry, but if I did add them in here, this article may not end!).

You can be sure that the handheld market is in safe hands. But will Nintendo be around to share in the spoils? All will be revealed soon. Very soon.

About the author: Mark Isaacson is a longtime MobyGames contributor and is also a part of the MobyGames approval team. You can also find Mark on TFNGames and Geeks in Basements.

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