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Classic Gaming Expo 2004

Another Year, Another CGExpo

Hot on the heels of our first video feature article, we turn around and do it again, this time a retrospective of Classic Gaming Expo 2004. Like last year, MobyGames was there. Unlike last year, we captured it with video.

Classic Gaming Expo is a large mecca for classic gaming. There are coin-ops on free play to enjoy, a gigantic hardware museum filled with many rare one-of-a-kind items of electronic gaming history, and several great keynote speakers like the Intellivision "Blue Sky Rangers" programming team, the founders and programmers of Activision, and even The Woz himself. If you needed a piece for your collection -- or wanted an entirely new collection -- one of the vendors at CGExpo could hook you up.

This year was host to many changes for the Expo. 2004 marked the first time that Classic Gaming Expo was not in Las Vegas, but was transported instead to the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. The show floor was larger, and the hardware museum was much larger. Being in California, there were more keynote speakers from those in the early days of the industry. 8-bit Weapon played several sets throughout the show, but unlike last year there were up to three simultaneous live performers playing a host of traditional and non-traditional instruments. Probably the biggest change was the media coverage: There were TV crews from a local LA TV station, TBS, G4TechTV, and other media outlets covering the show from start to end. One special treat was Computer Space, the very first coin-op ever, restored and in working order for everyone to play. (In case you haven't had the pleasure, it plays like a crude early version of Asteroids.)

This show held many changes to MobyGames' presence as well: This marked the first appearance of the MobyGames gaming lounge, where people could just sit down and play games, have some candy, drink some soda, and have some fun. A video demonstration of MobyGames was running on a projector, demoing MobyGames and displaying some of the stuff we do. Brian surprised everyone with a giant rendering of the original Space Invaders -- in Legos!. We ran a contest called The Screenshot Challenge where you had to name 15 screenshots correctly out of a total of 47 displayed. Get 15 or more and you snagged a MobyGames t-shirt, mug, or mousepad. This turned out to be a really fun success and we're definitely going to run it again next year (with different shots, of course!)

But if you missed it, don't worry; MobyGames comes to the rescue with a video retrospective of the show. And since it embodies the spirit of the show -- appreciation of the old -- we set the entire video to the retro stylings of 8-bit Weapon. Enjoy.

The video is available in the following formats:

Note: The MPEG-1 file is in VideoCD format, which can be burnt to a CD and watched on your DVD player. The Quicktime files use MPEG-4 and AAC and require Quicktime 6.2 or higher to play. The RealMedia file is intended for older computers with modems only and requires RealPlayer 8 or higher to play.

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