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A brief history of the C64


Commodore launched yet another C64 model, the C64G, in 1987. This new model looked similar to the classic C64 on the outside, but it was totally different in the inside. With the exception of the CIA 6526 chips and the character ROM 901225, the computer was completely reworked: A higher integration to its circuits and two RAM chips instead of eight, where the basic and kernal are contained in one 16KB ROM. Furthermore, there is an integrated MMU (Memory Management Unit) instead of multiplex ICS for memory management.

The production costs of the C64G may have been decreased, but many expansion still didn't work anymore because the 9V user port voltage from the C64C was not included. On the plus side, the software compatibility is nearly 100%. The first C64G were sold with a white version of the classic C64 keyboard, but later models had the keyboard design of the C128. The power LED sometimes was green and other times it was red, depending on the current inventory of Commodore. The metal Commodore logo had also been replaced by a cheap foil sticker in order to save even more money. The production of the C64G lasted until 1990.

Unfortunately, the C64G atill lacked a reset switch, but users could try typing SYS 64738 at the command prompt to reboot their C64, and also could buying add-ons like Final Cartridge, which comes with a reset switch and other useful stuff.

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