10 Worst 1st Party Controllers of All Time

and the very Worst of the Worst is ... Number 1

The Fairchild Channel F

The Fairchild Channel F

1. Fairchild Channel F

And number one is... The Fairchild Channel F. The controller is a pretty outrageous design. It's actually a stick you hold with a four way directional triangle shaped hat on top of the stick. The hat not only acts as your movement control but also as a action button when you press down. The primary issue is that the Channel F controller is the poster child for repetitive stress injuries. Holding it for an extended period cramps your hand after a while and pressing down constantly with your thumb also begins to hurt. The combination of trying to move by pressing the hat in different ways and pressing down at the same time only makes the situation worse.

Most of the controllers on this list suffer from usability issues stemming from their design (too many buttons, odd shape, ect...), but the Channel F is unique in that it can actually be painful to play over a prolonged period. Who seriously wants to play something where it hurts your hand? Games are supposed to be fun and the controller being painful pretty much defeats the entire purpose of playing a game in the first place.

Even if you take away the idea that its just uncomfortable, you're still limited to four directions and one action button - less control than you had with the eight way stick on the 2600 controller. It just plain sucks. I don't see why you'd want to play on it all, let alone use it for any prolonged amount of time.


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