Wasteland: A Landmark of RPG Innovations

Other Resources

I'm sure by now you're clamoring to get your hands on a (legal) copy of Wasteland. The only currently-sold source for this that I know of is The Ultimate RPG Archives, which contains Wasteland along with several other decent role-playing games in a single compilation. The Ultimate RPG Archives is available through Interplay's online store.

For more Wasteland goodness, try these other online links:

The Wasteland Ranger HQ Grid is one of the best places to get more information on Wasteland, including possible locations on getting it, sequels (including official, unfinished, and unofficial), and links to fan fiction. If you visit only one website, make it this one.

Desolation, the Wasteland MUD, is true to the game, with players starting out in the Ranger Center (now you can finally see what the inside of the Ranger Center looks like). Getting this together was a herculean effort, and it shows; extensive modification to the MUD system must have been necessary.

There is a Wasteland Webring, where you can visit some of the aforementioned sites and discover new ones.

And, of course, there is a suite of Wasteland information at MobyGames.

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