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MobyReed (386) on 4/21/2023 8:55 PM · Permalink · Report

  • Added standalone game page for companies (example)
  • Added Itch.io URL support to game contribution tool
  • Added auto search to game contribution when entering a game manually
  • Added notifications for forum replies and when your reviews get helpful/unhelpful votes
  • Added recent votes display to your reviews page
  • Added "game added" date to bottom of game pages
  • Added content ratings link to game Contribute pages
  • Added identifiers for Nintendo.com games
  • Improved video contribution form (only need to enter the YouTube URL)
  • Allow multiline description for patches
  • Fixed Nintendo.com support for game contribution tool
  • Fixed missing trivia contribution credits
  • Fixed adding attributes and new platforms
  • Fixed credit previews with entities
  • Fixed cache invalidation when submitting critic scores
  • Fixed issues with splitting games
  • Misc. UI polish, fixes
  • Misc. backend fixes, updates
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Serrated-banner9 (3182) on 4/22/2023 6:55 AM · Permalink · Report

nice the cache bug is fixed

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Infernos (44827) on 4/22/2023 1:16 PM · Permalink · Report

1) In "Most Wanted" section for screenshots, promo images, and covers you can specify a number to search for (for example, search for games with 1 or fewer screenshots). But why allow negative numbers? Seems kinda pointless.

2) I see developer photos are now displayed in their original resolutions. On the old site iirc they were limited to a max resolution of 400x400. Hell, I know I added some dev headshot pics straight from the Press Kit discs, and those were big images... gonna take a while to load. I think it's best to keep the max res something like 500x500 or 1000x1000.

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Emitewiki (569) on 4/24/2023 5:41 PM · Permalink · Report

Oh, dang, these are all FANTASTIC changes this week! A lot of really heavy hitters! (Standalone game pages, auto search on game contribution titles, Itch.io support, and "game added" info 😍😍😍)

Thanks for all the dedicated hard work you are making to the platform!!

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Gamer's Palace (1187) on 4/28/2023 8:18 AM · Permalink · Report

That's a wonderful update! Thank you, especially for the itch.io support and for the fixing of the Nintendo.com "bug" :)

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (579955) on 5/3/2023 3:55 PM · Permalink · Report

I'm probably overlooking this, or it is hidden deep/not implemented yet. The possibility to MERGE games. One can split people/games/companies, bu i'm missing the possibility to MERGE.

for instance: https://www.mobygames.com/game/160706/in-rays-of-the-light/ AND https://www.mobygames.com/game/202553/the-light-remake/ need to be merged (also submitted a correction for this)

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vedder (71281) on 5/3/2023 5:35 PM · Permalink · Report

I think the workflow is:

  1. you select them both for splitting
  2. you go to the split game interface
  3. you move everything that needs to be merged over to the entry you want to keep
  4. you then reject the gutted entry
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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (579955) on 5/3/2023 6:26 PM · Permalink · Report

Thanks.....now at least i know how it's done!

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Alaka (107086) on 5/3/2023 6:47 PM · Permalink · Report

What vedder said is true. However, the process is still buggy. From my experience you can only move 1 item at a time, some items will cause an error when trying to be moved, and finally some sections don't even seem to be listed to move (ex. tech specs/ratings).