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Isaac Viana Tapias on 12/10/2014 11:14 AM · Permalink · Report

I'm pretty sure I found an arcade version of the Giana Sisters here in Spain. I was like 10-12 by then, but I remember playing it. Anyone has seen one? Maybe it was one of those Arcadia systems?

Thanks in advance.

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Terok Nor (36734) on 12/10/2014 2:34 PM · Permalink · Report

Might have been a bootleg? With the legal problems of the game I doubt anyone would have released an official version.

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Игги Друге (46154) on 12/29/2014 11:26 AM · Permalink · Report

Spain was a hotbed of pirate copied arcade games.

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Isaac Viana Tapias on 1/9/2015 10:29 AM · Permalink · Report

Maybe. I am death sure that I played it, but because it was 25 years ago and found it just once, I barely recall it.

Thanks anyway.