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Jonathan Lhota (46) on 6/19/2021 6:11 PM · Permalink · Report

I had been looking for pictures and gameplay of the game. No sign if that exist.

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Rwolf (21743) on 6/19/2021 6:41 PM · edited · Permalink · Report

There is a link to a website (possibly non-legit) with the submission for that platform, which includes a cover scan with a sticker saying 'IIGS enhanced graphics & sound', hmm...this link is for the 'where in the world' version of the game series, so maybe you have a point...

(There is also a reference to an Apple compatibility page, but that is just for Macintosh IIsi, which is a different machine.)

Another page on the same site mentioned, indeed has the 'where in europe' title; the cover says it's supporting Apple IIe/IIc/IIgs, but it does not mention any gs enhancements, like on the 'world' cover.

This is the same cover we use for Apple II here:,185404/

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Jonathan Lhota (46) on 6/21/2021 2:59 AM · Permalink · Report

I will have to check Ebay. And maybe somebody has the Apple IIGS version. Who has the Apple IIGS version?