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Andrew Fisher (693) on 3/17/2023 12:27 AM · edited · Reply · Permalink · Report

The oldest written reference to 3-Demon I can find so far, a few years after the first release of the game. https://archive.org/details/l-ordinateur-individuel-083/page/n143/mode/1up?q=%223-demon%22&view=theater

It roughly translates: "3-DEMON - The newest and most breathtaking variation on the PACMAN theme. The program generates a three-dimensional maze where you, PACMAN, run through corridors with realistic perspectives, with perhaps a ghost lurking around the next bend. The kind of program that would have seemed impossible only three years ago and for which you would have been burned alive three centuries ago. In relief and colors, of course. We crack..."

Magazine cover says 1986, upload has been incorrectly labelled 1983. "L'Ordinateur Individuel" I think would translate to "The Personal Computer". https://archive.org/details/l-ordinateur-individuel-083/mode/1up?view=theater