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I need the name, help me, please

Diana Bagryanskaya on Feb 22, 2021

Hello, i need to find a game in which i was playing when i was a child (about 8 years ago). Description: fluffy colorful balls with eyes running through the labyrinth joining in kind of a chain. They run from a bad guy (I don't really remember who it was and how he looked like). More details: when the balls were drawn in a pretty long chain they could torn at the turn of the labyrinth and then they started to diverge. And there was different levels. I remember that there was a desert level, ice level, a maze of grass level and level in a ship. Guys, I have faith in you, I really need the name of this game) Sorry for my bad English.

Re: I need the name, help me, please

Evolyzer (19329) on Feb 26, 2021

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What platform did you play it on? (pc, xbox..)