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JezuzLizard on Mar 18, 2017

I've spent roughly 4 hours trying to find this game, but it would seem to be so obscure that there are no torrents, and even more surprisingly no downloads for its demo. What little information I could find on this game was on this Wikipedia page:

and this old GameHouse website:

The game had a public beta from 2003 to 2006 when it officially released and it seems the company went bankrupt around 2007-2008

Re: Magnant

Rwolf (18458) on Mar 18, 2017

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The company website is on

There was a 1hr time limited demo of about 15MB size, distributed by cnet. (not on cnet now, and not on, being too large)

I saw some rather fishy torrent links to the demo, but I don't want to suggest them.

I also found some legal discussion in 2006 about a possible misuse of GPL code within the game, not sure if it went anywhere.

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Re: Magnant

JezuzLizard on Mar 19, 2017

That's strange because I checked every torrent website I could think of and none of them had a Magnant demo.

Re: Magnant

Rwolf (18458) on Mar 19, 2017

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Your Google-Fu is weak, Padawan.

They released a Linux (either free or shareware) and a Windows (cygwin) version, both based around the Stratagus RTS engine. This is what the questions were about, Stratagus is GPL, but they sold the Magnant game (for Windows).

The Linux dev. version 2.0 (9MB) can be found in old softpedia archive from 2006. The Windows version is a bit larger (15MB), and I located it on an unofficial ftp server.

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Re: Magnant

JezuzLizard on Mar 20, 2017

Ah I certainly didn't expect this game to have such an interesting origin. Not only was the game made using an engine that used Warcraft II assets, the engine(Stratagus) was GPL which meant Mohydine Entertainment had to release the source code along with Magnant. Since they didn't it clearly resulted in legal problems which resulted in Mohydine Entertainments demise. Though it would have been pretty difficult to make money from a game if you release the source code with it.

Re: Magnant

JezuzLizard on Mar 24, 2017

Teach me your ways wise one.

I was only able to find the Linux version so far as well as the license that comes with it.

I need to be shown the ways of a true Google Jedi in order to find the Windows version since it seems its even more obscure.

I'm fairly positive that unless this game is added to some well known archive it will almost surely be forgotten again in the future.

Re: Magnant

Evolyzer (19499) on Mar 24, 2017

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Not allowed he is, because legal it is not

Re: Magnant

JezuzLizard on Mar 25, 2017

I found both versions anyway, my main problem was using Bing instead of Google.

I got gud.

Re: Magnant

Rwolf (18458) on Mar 25, 2017

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