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Credits - For Honor Years 1 & 2

OmegaNemesis28 (780) on Dec 31, 2018

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Ubisoft's ForHonor recently had its credits adjusted since it is an ongoing live game.

2017's Year 1:

2018's Year 2:

The pages are semi-scrape/copy friendly. I attempted to do this myself, parsed the HTML into text files. However, from there I've had issues formatting and wrestling with the Credits submission form. I also do not know if there should be separate Game pages for For Honor Year 1 & Year 2 aside from the main ForHonor page, or would this just go under a platform? I think the latter but maybe that's not the rules here.

I figure someone here: A) Already has a submission tool (feel free to share and I can try to use it) B) Knows how live service game credit updates are properly handled here.

Re: Credits - For Honor Years 1 & 2

OmegaNemesis28 (780) on Jan 08, 2019

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I handled Year 2 credits and it's in approval, that's the page I passed initially by accident instead of Year 1. I may do Year 1 if Year 2 gets approved, it took a long time but I figured out it's faster in Firefox than Chrome. My chrome has issues with the credits editor. But if someone else wants to do Y1 feel free.

Re: Credits - For Honor Years 1 & 2

Evan Davies (115) on Jan 30, 2019

Might get complicated as some names have been removed from the original credits that shipped with the game (even in launch year).