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Approval queue serious issues... 4 BRIAN!

MAT (213633) on Dec 03, 2003

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Hey Brian, I think with the next code release, I think you should primarily concentrate on bugs and improvements rather than releasing new stuff and upgrades. The bugs are piling and it's too hard to even keep track of them, and I can only guess how hard is it for one man to keep track of all that.

Approval queue has some issues, but then again, I don't recall it ever be fixed. Not only do the numbers or items in the queue are displayed wrongly, but sometimes after I approve some stuff in the queue, the queue still shows like there are some stuff to approve, yet when I click on the link, it does nothing but return me to very same front page that very samely shows as if something is in the queue, while there is nothing.

Also, you might wanna add ability for submitters to write comments to approvers during box cover submission, this is really necessary, and also that we are able ti WIP box covers back. That really needs be done. This way people are using package comments and sometimes that even slips by and covers end up with package comments. And WIP-ing back is sometimes really necessary.

Anyway, would be cool to see brand new polished engine that sythesizes all those bugs either on the level of not noticing them or complete removal. Just a thought.

Re: Approval queue serious issues... 4 BRIAN!

//dbz: (5266) on Dec 03, 2003

i'm having the above mentioned problem, that when i click on something to approve (e.g. PS2 - 3 New Game Entries) it's doing nothing but reloading the front page.

never had this before.

if you need more info, let me know.

Re: Approval queue serious issues... 4 BRIAN!

Brian Hirt (10026) on Dec 05, 2003

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The big problem had to do with the fact that i had to reload the database a few days ago. Part of the approval system relies on some internal database id's that change whenever you dump and load the database. I totally forgot to run a program that resets them to the new values. The cover art bug is still there, but i tracked down the problem and it will be fixed in the next release.

FYI, i have about 30 different bug fixes in the next release, and only two new features, which are actually only improvement to the search engine and credits entry.

There are very few bugs left in the ticket tracking system, so they are either all fixed, or there are some i don't know about. When I put out the new release (soon) if there are still bugs, let me know via email at [email protected]

Re: Approval queue serious issues... 4 BRIAN!

Corn Popper (69132) on Dec 03, 2003

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These are all already known and being worked on. If you submit the bugs to the bug email address they will get worked on. Brian has many fixes in the works that are in the next release.